Guys, what a good week in knitting this has been! I frogged something, I started something, and I finished something!


I finished my pair of skew socks out of dyeabolical’s watercolor stripes yarn. I love them. When I took this photo, I had already worn them all day. I am wearing them again today. I am going to need another pair of skew socks.

Here’s the thing, I had a pair a long time ago.


They were out of noro silk garden sock. I wore them all of the time! I wore them until they developed enough holes they couldn’t be saved. So, I don’t really know why I failed to knit more once these were gone! Now I have more, and I’ll probably treat them exactly the same way.

But, I’d like to get another pair knit in the near future as well. I like the fit of these so much. I like how they stay on my feet so well. I like knitting and knitting and knitting and then suddenly there’s a completed heel with one simple kitchener bind off.

I realized, as I was sitting in a chair near my yarn stash this morning, that I’ve got very little sock yarn left in stash! This is….amazing news. I mean, I’ve worked really hard to knit down my rather extensive yarn stash. Especially the sock yarns, since I don’t knit socks with abandon anymore. For a long time it felt like I was getting absolutely nowhere. Now all of a sudden? I’ve got less than half a cube left. 10 skeins. That’s it! It’s kind of amazing. And really, much of it can be knit into scarves or shawls, it’s not really designated sock yarn anyhow. I even have 3 of those skeins set aside for another striped sweater, if I ever get to it.

It’s now mid October, and I’ve kept up with my knitting more yarn than I spin goal. In fact, I’ve knit more than double what I’ve spun. I feel quite good about that. Over the summer, my stash went from residing in two furniture pieces to one. My fiber stash is super low. I am really enjoying this, the fact that I am moving toward having less and appreciating what I have more. It’s been not just a good week, I think it’s been a good knitting year.

6 thoughts on “Skewed

  1. That is awesome! I hope you have yourself a huge pat on the back:)
    I’m learning how lovely it is to have less, just not sure it’s ever going to happen with my stash though!

  2. wow! Good for you! The socks are great, and the reduction in stash is great. I was doing well with that process until I went to Wisconsin. Now I have several baskets tucked behind my chair, but I am knitting as fast as I can.

    Sock yarn is not my downfall, actually. Not sure what is, but I started the year with 4 skeins of sock yarn and a plan to knit a sock a month, giving me permission to buy two more skeins. I did that, and have so far stuck to knitting a sock a month. But I somehow have three extra skeins of sock yarn, so I expect I will keep on knitting a sock a month next year as well.

    I had knit all of my sweater quantities in stash, so I am spinning one and I bought one. Have to knit them up before I can get more. I think what I mostly have is single skeins of fingering to worsted weight yarns, and a bin full of bulky for hats. I need to get cracking on those things before I can justify purchasing anything more. Oh, and maybe a small tote of fiber to spin. So I had really better not buy any more yarn. 🙂

    • Your stash sounds very reasonable! I am not sure mine is. Though, much of that is due to handspun. And, it’s headed in the right direction. I realized during my stash reorg that I have the yarn for 2 adult size sweaters. That’s great, since I am feeling the sweater itch lately.

      I did purchase a bit more fiber recently, as my fiber supply was ridiculously low. But, even that wasn’t much.

      There was a time in my life where I was knitting 24 pairs of socks a year. As you can imagine, now I don’t technically need to knit socks for a very long time! But they are still really fun to knit, so sometimes I must!

      • I expect your stash, especially commercial is reasonable. And your fiber, too. My fiber is a bit unreasonable, I think, but I am working on it.

        I knit a sock a week for a year, when the knitting sarah did her year long sock kal a few years ago. I do have a lot of socks still, so am using the slow and steady method to fill in color gaps or replace worn ones. Or sometimes to knit up a pair I couldn’t resist!

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