This post sort of contains spoilers of the westknits mystery shawl, so be aware.

The usual first photo of my swatch for hopeful hiding purposes.


Know what this is?


It’s a few things. It’s the beginning of clue 3 of the mystery shawl. Unfortunately, I am using the longest cabled size 3 needles I own, and it’s not going to be enough. I ordered a new pair yesterday and they should arrive by monday. I did the first row of clue 3 that only increased stitch counts by about 35. I can’t go further. Within the next 2 rows there’ll be over 800 stitches on the needle and it’s not going to work. I’ll wait.

This picture is also an indoor picture because it’s been pouring again. I am not complaining really, and I was lucky this morning because when I got up I could hear it pouring, but after I got Lizzie breakfast, we were able to find a gap in the storms so she could go out.

This is also the last photo you’ll see taken on the back of my 14 year old loveseat. Tomorrow my sofa and loveseat will go live in the basement of a good friend of ours, and we’ll go pick up our new furniture and get it settled in our living room. I am so excited! We’d do so today, but, you know, pouring rain and all. Today the plan is to move area rugs around. We will move my bedroom rug to the craft room and the living room rug to the bedroom. I’ll be able to clean under the bed well, which is something I always want to do. We won’t have an area rug yet for the living room, but hopefully we’ll manage to choose something fairly quickly.

I have, unfortunately, caught a cold in the midst of all the work insanity and busy evenings and weekends. It’s not to bad, thankfully. More of an annoyance than anything else. In our house, we don’t do the typical gender roles. When Mr. Ink gets sick, he gets even more silent than normal. When I get sick, I spend a lot of time whinging about it. Though I do still get stuff done. I am not yet in whining mode, but I told Mr. Ink to prepare himself. With grants due this week, and the training of new coworkers, taking time off isn’t exactly an option.

So, I’ve taken this morning to take it fairly easy. I did a bunch of organizing of the parts of the living room that are craft related, and my craft room and yarn stash. I officially frogged another hibernating sweater partially knit. I’d already called it a loss, but hadn’t bothered to frog. Thankfully this one was easier, as I wasn’t alternating skeins so I could just use the ball winder for a quick job. So, out of 3 sweaters that hibernated for 2 years, one got finished and the other two frogged. I really need to remember that, and not cast on new sweaters until the old one is done. Or frogged. I pulled out a few yarns I know I haven’t added to my rav stash so once the weather improves I’ll be able to get those listed. I’ve got just a little more fiber headed my way, so I might as well wait until that arrives to take those photos.

All in all, the rain and the cold is creating a pleasantly quiet day around here.

5 thoughts on “Teaser

  1. I LOVE that mysterious thing! Those colors look great together. I do hope the designer brings down the number of stitches before it is time to bind off… and that there is no picot or I cord bind off if he doesn’t!

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