I really took it easy yesterday. I stayed at home, I did a bunch of organizing, I knit, and I did a tiny bit of spindle spinning. We also moved area rugs around, though we ended up with the purple rug that was in our bedroom in the living room. Meaning, I went to move it, decided I needed to lay it out in the living room for a really good vacuuming, and then realized that it might be wise to leave it there until we get a new area rug in order to save the wood floors. So this morning I’ve been attempting to rid the former bedroom rug of it’s dents. We’ll see how it goes, I am attempting the ice cube trick on a few spots to see if it works.

Today is new furniture day, I am very excited. I can’t wait to sit in my new chair with my feet up on the ottoman. I’ve always loved a wingback chair, so I can’t wait to enjoy my own. And a sofa that you don’t need to sit sideways in to be comfortable, that’ll be cool too!

Since I did a lot of knitting yesterday, I was able to divide out the sleeves on my pullover. It’s a lot of knitting. I forget just how long those rows get when one is working on something with contiguous sleeves. I have to admit though, even now that I’ve divided, the rows seem pretty long! Or maybe I am bored. Which is why I pulled out a tiny bit of spinning to occupy myself. I didn’t get a photo of that today, but will do so soon.

Here’s my pullover:


Again, tough to get any type of decent photo of those rich colors. I guess I should try an indoor shot and see if it helps. Anyhow, it’s moving right along. I keep waiting to get to the point that I’ve knit as much on this pullover as I did on the pas de valse that I frogged, but it’s not looking like that’ll happen any time soon! I really had sunk quite a lot of knitting time into that thing.

That’s about it from here! I’d better get myself ready for some furniture hauling. Maybe I’ll just start with the ibuprofen right now. Have a great Sunday!