Sneak Peek

So, soon after posting on my blog yesterday, we pulled out the truck and loaded up the old sofa and loveseat. We took them to a good friend’s home for their second life in his basement. We had a bit of trouble, as they are large pieces, and we couldn’t fit the sofa through the garage door into the house. We contemplated it for a bit, considered bringing it in through the front door, but we were worried we wouldn’t be able to maneuver a corner in his split level ranch home, and then looked at each other like we were all idiots, realizing that he had a sliding glass patio door to work with out back. In went the sofa through the larger door and soon after I got this photo:


That’s sweet Arty cat giving his approval to the set. I am glad this 14 year old set will get more use, and it was particularly nice to be able to give them to a friend who will appreciate them.

Once the delivery of the old furniture was done, we headed to pick up our new furniture. Apparently it’s some assembly required! But, everything was packaged nicely in really good packaging, so at least I didn’t have to worry too much about the dirty truck bed.

We got home and got smart, using the various carts Mr. Ink uses for hauling rocks to haul the furniture. So much easier than all that heavy lifting. And then? Nothing. Mr. Ink didn’t want to open it up and put it together right away! It was so painful!

So, instead, I did the thing I felt would work the best to encourage the assembly of the furniture. I took my knitting and my spinning and settled into his den. Guys, it worked! First he put together the couch, and said “Now will you remove yourself from my den?” I said “Oh no! My chair and ottoman are what would make me consider removing myself from your den.” So, those got assembled too and I moved my stuff back to the living room. Mr. Ink’s recliner stayed packaged up until all three (four? Do we count the dog?) of us decided to watch a movie. It was at that point the recliner got assembled.

I will take more photos later, when the living room is a bit more in order. I still haven’t moved pieces of furniture back where they belong, and the rug needs vacuuming again. I am glad we waited on purchasing a rug though, it’s a lot easier to envision something now that the furniture has arrived.


Lizzie and Miss Butterfly approve of the couch.


And here’s Mr. Ink looking real smug about his well deserved recliner. I spent the evening in my chair as well, and really loved it. All is pretty well! Just need a plant stand that holds a lot of house plants, and that new rug and we’ll be all set.

Here’s another sneak peek:


A spindle with some singles. It’s been a long time since I spun, but I did get bored enough to want to on Sunday. Not well enough to use the wheel, but a little spindle spinning was exactly what I needed.

I’d be at home today, recovering, if I didn’t have another grant due this week. Hopefully it’ll get submitted tomorrow. In which case, I’ll probably go home and take some time off. It would be well deserved. On that note, my new needle for the westknits shawl should arrive at my home today. If I have the brain power, I’ll be able to get started on those super long rows!


8 thoughts on “Sneak Peek

  1. oooh, I ADORE that sofa! And the smile on Mr. Ink’s face. He’s a happy guy. 🙂 Good move, parking in his den, lol.

    But where is the shot of your chair and ottoman? I bet the room is going to look gorgeous all put together. What colors are you thinking of for the new rug?

    • I’ll get a shot of my chair soon, I just want to put the living room back in order first. As for the new rug, I am not sure. It’s a bit of a tough color to match, when trying for the yellow. We had been thinking a nice dark grey, but it might be TOO much grey. Now that the furniture is in, I am leaning toward a brighter color that includes yellow again. We’ll see, something will have to look good eventually!

      • How about some kind of pattern that incorporates the yellow and gray? Do you have a swatch of the yellow fabric to take with you, or will you be wandering carpet show rooms with pillows and cushions?

      • I don’t have swatches to take with me. If we go to the furniture store where we purchased the furniture, I can just pull swatches from the area we picked the furniture from. It worked pretty well last time but we were decisioned out. That being said, I would kind of like to check out a flooring store closer to home. I’ve been online shopping and narrowed choices down to about 15 rugs I found online, so I should be able to take a list in and then have them pull those to see what works. Many of them have a yellow/grey patterned combo. However, when we were looking earlier, we also found that the yellow was often not exactly the right type of yellow. Many of them looked a bit off. So we’ll see!

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