This post will contain spoilers of the clue 3 westknits mystery KAL. Be warned.

But first up, my chair and ottoman.


It was hard to get this photo, none of the lighting was right, and now I see that I left a couch pillow sideways and it annoys me. But I am leaving it. Because it was hard enough to get the shot in the first place. I love my chair. This is the chair that sold me in the first place, though when we went to the furniture store it had a different pattterned fabric on the back of it. The grey remained the same. The fabric it did have leaned toward tones of burgundy and olive green again, and after 14 years of that, I just needed a serious change. So, in the end we found we really liked the yellow and grey combination.

I’ve begun, again, searching for area rugs. I actually don’t absolutely hate the purple that’s currently there, but I do hate the rug itself. I bought it deeply discounted a few years ago, mostly to keep old Coco dog from waking us up in the middle of the night clicking around on the hardwood floors. It was basically nothing but a needs must purchase, having been a floor sample in our local furniture store. It sheds like mad. Every time I vacuum just this area rug, it fills the container with purple fuzz. After 4.5 years, that should have stopped, don’t you think? If you sit on it, your clothing will get covered in purple fuzz. I turned my ottoman upside down to assemble it, and the top of the ottoman was covered in purple fuzz. It’s not ideal.

As soon as we are feeling better (Yep, Mr. Ink came down with this cold too) we’ll have to get back out there and figure out an area rug. It’s tabled for now.

Speaking of feeling poorly, (and really, as far as head colds go, this is certainly not the worst one I’ve had) I am taking a much appreciated sick day. Finally. My grant, due today, was submitted yesterday afternoon, much to my joy. That means a sick day today, maybe even another tomorrow. So, I plan to get some rest finally. After all, Miss Lizzie got me up this morning at 5:30. She was most insistent. I thought “Dog, if you have gotten me up and you don’t absolutely NEED to go out, I am not going to be pleased!” But, she did need. And it’s good to know that she WILL be insistent if she does need to go out. We are still learning about each other.

In between naps I am hoping for knitting. I have completed 2 repeats on clue 3 of the mystery shawl. The pattern calls for 7 to 9 of them. I am worrying about yarn amounts a little bit. And, I would really like to get all 9 repeats in, since I do love a big shawl. But also, those rows are so so long. 822 stitches on the needles all at once is ridiculous. I have knit and knit and knit and knit to only get those 2 repeats done. Want to see? I think you do.


Here’s the right side, with the pretty little triangles and the huge holes and the brioche stitch after the huge holes. Color 3, which is my solid, is making the brioche knit line up the front of that section, and I couldn’t be happier about that. But it looks great on the reverse side too, where color 1 shines:


No matter how you look at it though, that’s a lot of knitting. It’s certainly taking up all the time I have to knit. And I fear losing momentum right now, so I am going to keep after it until I am done. Clue 3 should easily take me until Friday when the final clue comes out. So, expect to be seeing this project pretty exclusively until I am finished!