A Tiny Bit

I spent most of my sick day napping and knitting. I have completed 4 (I think) repeats of clue 3 of the mystery shawl. I don’t mind knitting it, but it’s a lot of same. It’s really a matter of just cranking out that knitting at this point. But I am excited to have a finished object soon. These mystery knits really go faster than I expect them to.

At some point two things happened. Well, 3. I got really sick of knitting, I realized that it was super nice outside, and netflix quit working. So I took my wheel outside and spun on it for the first time in ages. It was pretty close to the time that Mr. Ink was to come home, so I figured I’d wait for him on the patio. Miss Lizzie alternated between rolling around in the grass, and trying to sneakily wander off to parts of the yard unknown. One good “Lizzie!” brings her running back, so I just have to keep my eye out. When Mr. Ink got home, he was eager to be outdoors in the nice weather too, so had his after work snack outside and we chatted about the yard.

Here’s the spinning I did:


I am working on a classy squid batt, and intend to chain ply it when it’s done.

Unfortunately, the pirate bugs that are so prevalent here in October were out in force, and quickly drove me inside again.

I am off work again today, and plan to keep after my mystery shawl. I am at a point I think it’s pretty clear I won’t be able to do all 10 repeats, in fact it might be really pushing it to get the 7. Though I admit I am tempted to make a 2 color brioche into a one color brioche, just adding in the second main color as I run out of the first and third. We’ll see. I want a big as possible shawl!

When I called in to work yesterday, my boss said “I am not surprised. I think you caught this because you’ve been working so hard, there’s no way you aren’t completely exhausted.” It was nice to have that noticed. Then, I called in this morning and she said “I sent you a meeting invite for Friday because I really didn’t think you were going to be better today.” So, certainly feeling noticed at the moment, which I appreciate.

Anyhow, catch you all later! Hope you have a great remainder of your week.

3 thoughts on “A Tiny Bit

  1. Oh that was awesome of your boss! I wish my principal would take the time to even say thank you! Glad you got outside- sounds so nice! Unfortunately I’m stuck sick on the couch as it’s pouring here:(
    Good job on the 800+ stitch rows!

  2. So sorry you are sick, but so glad that your boss notices and appreciates what you have been doing lately.

    The wheel spinning looks so pretty!

    Hope you get better soon, or you will run out of fiber!

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