Icord Forever

Guys, clue 4 came out. It is, indeed, icord bind off of the 822 stitches on the needles. I laugh, because I do think it’s what would look the best, and I don’t mind icord for miles, but I am sure it’s sending shivers down spines of knitters all over.

However, I don’t have pictures of that yet. Because I got the clue this morning. Instead, I’ve got some more spinning.


Once I finished clue 3, and by finished, I mean knit until I ran out of yarn, earlier than I had hoped, I decided I needed some support spinning time.

This is some fiber out of roving (true roving, jumbled up fiber all in different directions) I received from the lovely, but sadly quiet lately, introverted knitter.  It seems to have wool and silk in it, the brightest green being silk. It works fairly well on the support spindles, as long as I don’t get too concerned about how even the yarn is.

With Mr. Ink being in the midst of the worst of his cold, and me still recovering, last evening was spent fairly quietly. Basically, we ate junk and we watched Mad Max Fury Road. I was left wondering exactly how many times I’ll have to watch that movie to get tired of it. Hasn’t happened yet, and we’ve watched it over and over. Every single time, we end up having a Discussion about it. We both notice new subtleties every time. It’s great, I love it. I spun throughout the movie and got a fair bit done. I guess I’ll have to table this project now, until those 822 stitches are bound off! But seriously, I hope that’s tomorrow so I can keep spinning and working on my striped pullover.

I am also hoping to feel better, REALLY better this weekend. I’d like to get the dog washed, I’ve been saying that for weeks now and I keep putting it off. I’d also like to take her on a nice long walk at a lake, we keep doing the same route through the neighborhood over and over, and she’s such a happy dog when she’s in the car it’s time to go exploring elsewhere. Plus, she’s increased her endurance quite well and I won’t have to worry about her tiring out too much.

That’s about it from here, hopefully next I’ll be showing you a new shawl! Though if I am realistic I know that the bind off and the washing/blocking will take longer than I expect!