The Weekend

Guys, it turned out to be such a nice weekend! By Sunday I was Actually Feeling Better. Like, quite a lot better. This was good, because we had Lizzie’s most energetic day ever. Mr. Ink asked me “Have you been feeding her something new?!” because she was just a complete and active nut the entire day. Jumping in the air, spinning around in circles while in the air, playing all day, just a nut!

After multiple walks trying to ease some of her high activity levels, Mr. Ink and I decided to take things one step further. We dressed her up and took her to a state park for some hiking.


Even getting in the car was a high adventure and she almost fell down the basement steps because she was so excited about going for a ride.

We got to the state park, and that turned out to be so nice because once down in the trails we could take her off leash. She’s such a good dog, never running off, and always happy to catch up if she gets behind and we call her. She really enjoyed going on more complicated trails, she’d watch carefully where Mr. Ink would step, and then attempt to use those same spots. Mr. Ink would repeatedly say “I don’t think she’s going to be able to make this one.” And then she just would. She’s a better hiker than I am, I think.


Soon after I took this picture, she climbed right down that section with no problem.

We wanted to use the creek stepping stones to cross the creek repeatedly. She didn’t bother. We found out that she’s a perfectly happy dog wading in the creek.


And apparently getting a drink when she needs. Thank goodness for the peace of mind the lepto vaccine affords me.

We wore her, and me, out quite completely. Once home I ended up needing a nap, as Miss Butterfly had woken me up quite early via text! (ugh) Lizzie decided to nap with me, and never moved a muscle. But once I got up, she was right back to the super active dog ways, running around the house and playing and bouncing. I was quite grateful when Miss Butterfly arrived home to take over play duty. I don’t know what got into that dog yesterday, but it was by far her most active day in our household yet. That being said, we really enjoyed that she keeps adding to her interest in our household. We’d have no trouble at all going on a pretty complicated hike with her, she’s really good at it. I have always wanted to have a dog that would go on a run with me, and yesterday she really acted like she could be that type of dog. So I might try that at some point as well. Meanwhile, we’ll continue to enjoy seeing new sides of this goofy dog that has joined our lives.

I worked pretty hard to get a full bump of fiber into singles on support spindles. It was good to pull out my spindles and give them a whirl, they were dusty!


These will get plied later this week when I get the chance. I have tons more support spindles though, and was tempted to grab another fiber bump to see what I could do with the rest of the spindles! I didn’t though. I got back to work on my pullover.

Speaking of the pullover, it’s ALL boring stockinette in the round now. It’s moving along pretty fast, but that much stockinette does wear on the nerves after awhile. I got a nice chunk done Saturday night when Mr. Ink suggested watching The Magnificent Seven. It was great, nice and tense, great for rounds of stockinette that I didn’t even have to look at. Loved it!

That’s it from here! Hope everyone has a great week!

6 thoughts on “The Weekend

  1. I think she’s simply excited to live with such nice people. Goodness knows how these “recycled” dogs feel about life and love. She’s looking so happy! (and goofy)

    • You may actually be on to something here. She’s always been “my” dog, most comfortable with me, and under my voice command. This weekend I noticed that there was a huge difference in the amount of time she spent going to Mr. Ink for affection and direction. So, we may just be seeing a new level of confidence from her.

    • I wonder that ALL the time! It makes me sad for that person, I am sure it wasn’t an easy decision, and I feel for whatever was going on in their life to make it so they had to make that decision. But I am very glad she was able to join us. I think she’s trying to turn me into a runner!

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