Work Project

I believe I showed a handspun cowl I was working on awhile back. The pattern was Thorny, and I was looking for something easy during one of my larger projects. I ended up bringing that project to work to knit on during lunch time, and it got finished fairly quickly.


This pattern has lace knitting on all rows, not just knit rows. It makes the pattern very dramatic I think. The pattern wasn’t too hard, though I am not so good at reading my knitting from the wrong side so I did really have to pay attention.

Miss Butterfly was sick all week, she came down with the flu. Fever, coughing, and uncomfortable digestive symptoms. We ended up with her out of school for an entire week. Thankfully by Friday she was beginning to feel better. I picked up all her missed work from school and sent it with her to her dad’s house, so she’s got the weekend to attempt to get caught up.

That means….house to myself! With Mr. Ink in Boston, it’s just me and Lizzie here, with no one to temper my spoiling of the dog. It’s great! The kitchen is perfectly clean and will stay that way. The bathroom has gotten some attention, and again, will stay that way. And despite the fact that Mr. Ink thought I wouldn’t have anything to eat while he’s gone, I seem to be fending for myself in that capacity as well. Hah.

That’s it for me. I’ve got a plan for a day of crafting, errand running, cleaning, and a walk around the lake with the Lizzie Bean. Should be good! Hope yours is as well.