One Goal

Or two really.

My goal for this week was to finish the body of the sweater I am working on. I tried it on, and it fit. On Monday evening I knit and knit on it. On Tuesday I finished the body, and started a sleeve. On Wednesday I kept knitting that sleeve. Thursday I went on a bike ride (another goal complete) which left no time for knitting. On Friday night? I finished the sleeve. This morning I tried on the sweater, decided the sleeve is ok, and began the second.


Please excuse the crazy curling and the amazing amount of ends I haven’t even bothered to weave in. I am so insistent on not stalling out on the sleeves, my nemesis, that I haven’t taken the time to take care of those other details as I go.

The struggle now seems to be sleeve 2. I mean, the first sleeve was going pretty fast there toward the end, but now I have to deal with striping and a bunch of stitches on the needles again. It’s tough! I might take a break now.

We’ve got a busy Saturday coming right up, Miss Butterfly needs to get a birthday gift for a friend and then has a sleep over party later in the day. I’ve got a bunch of errands as well. I told Miss Butterfly she needs to clean her room and sort her stuff, which she’s been doing very well. But sadly, this was the point at which my 13 year old decided that it was time for her american girl dolls to leave her bedroom. I mean, it is true she hasn’t played with them at all lately. But, it’s sad for mom! She did wrap them up very carefully for their trip to the basement so that no bugs or spiders could get on them. And then she made space for a desk. She desperately wants a desk in her bedroom for her homework. So I told her if she cleaned and sorted the rest of the room, she could move one we already have into her room. Mr. Ink did her one better by telling her we could go to a second hand shop to see if we could find something for her to use, since the one in the garage is such a junky mess. But first, she has to clean that room. And she’s doing an awesome job currently.

That’s about all new to report from here! Hope a wonderful weekend is had by all!