An Extra Hour

Guys! I never sleep in. I just basically have a terrible time with it. And, Lizzie doesn’t help either. I’ve, sadly, trained her to get up early too. But, last night in hopes to manage the time change, I fed her quite late. And then let her snack before bed. And she let me sleep in! Until 6:30, which was technically 7:30, and that’s the longest she’s ever let us sleep. I got an extra hour, it was wonderful!

And you know what? Somehow I even managed to sleep through my daughter’s alarm clock she must have accidentally turned on while cleaning her room. She headed to a sleep over yesterday, so she wasn’t home to turn it off. It had been ringing for ages. But I never heard it. Amazing.

I got quite a lot done yesterday as well. On my list for this week was to take the drain stopper in the bathroom sink off and try to clean out the drain. I’d done so a couple weeks ago but it was still running pretty slow. Better, but slow. So, I moved everything out from underneath the sink, removed the stopper, and gave it another go. Nothing. I thought maybe I wasn’t able to reach the clog with my cheapo clog remover tool, so I tried going after it through the hole under the sink where the drain stopper gets connected. No dice. Realizing this was a bigger job than I needed it to be, but REALLY wanting to not be fighting a drain again, I grabbed a large bowl and decided to remove the trap. Then I fished my clog remover in from under the sink, and out popped a putrid smelling rat sized ball of hair and gross. OMG. I got it! 2.5 years living in this house with a slow sink and I finally got it. And you know what I found in that rat sized ball of hair? A flexible plastic washer that doesn’t belong to any of the current plumbing. I am willing to bet that was the problem all along.

I basically crowed about this for the rest of the day. I kept telling Mr. Ink that this day had been life changing. Thankfully he laughs at my hyperbole. I was just so excited! I got to deep cleaning the bathroom with no sense of irritation about it, because at least now? The water would actually run down the sink, instead of me needing to wipe out the sink once the job was complete. Life changing!

I knit on my sweater yesterday almost exclusively, I guess I really want it done! I am about halfway through the second sleeve I’d say. So, really not much of note to show off. So, I took a picture of the fiber I have on the spindles right now. I haven’t done too much work on this, but it’s been floating around for those moments where I don’t want to knit and don’t want to drag the wheel over either.


The fiber is edgewood garden, and it was another braid generously shared with me from Introverted Knitter. I love this colorway, it’s going to be gorgeous and I am having a terrible time deciding if it should be a 2 ply or 3.

And that’s it from here! Another bike ride will be had today I think, and some additional sweater sleeve knitting. Mr. Ink seems to think we need to mow the lawn, but I suspect he’ll be doing that job alone. It’s been a good weekend!