This Week November 6-12

Last week’s list:

  • Disconnect sink drain and clean out hair in the drain so it drains nicely again.
    • I am still crowing over this one!
  • Deep cleaning of bathroom. (It got a pretty good cleaning this weekend, but because of the sink drain issue, I didn’t complete the job.)
  • Clean microwave. What an uninspiring job that is, right?
    • Mr. Ink said “It sparkles!”
  • Ride bikes this weekend.
    • Got two rides in actually, one on Thursday night and one on Sunday.
  • Finish body of current in progress sweater.
    • I’ll talk more about this below.
  • Finish the singles on at least one of the 3 current spins.
  • Go look for either a rug or a plant stand for the living room this weekend.
    • I didn’t even remotely get these last two points done.

So, those last two points. I didn’t get any spinning done because I was too busy knitting my sweater. In fact, I finished the knitting portions last night, and finished weaving in the ends and sewing this morning. So, it’s currently soaking and I’ll block it tonight. That’ll leave only the 10 buttons to find and sew on, then I’ll be done. Which brings me to another task, starting the next sweater.

And, I didn’t get any shopping done due to the extra bike ride, and because Mr. Ink told Miss Butterfly that they could go shopping for a desk together if she finished her room. I told them that they should also shop for a plant stand of some sort together so that I didn’t have to bother. As for the rug, I kind of need Mr. Ink’s involvement in that one, and the weather was way too nice for him to concede to a shopping trip.

So, for this week:

  • Find buttons for the sweater, sew on, and get a finished object photo.
  • Start new sweater. Which is more of a vest. In bulky yarn. So it’ll fly.
  • Clean the corners of the house. When you have hardwood floors and area rugs, the corners get really dusty. When you are using an area rug in the living room that refuses to stop shedding, the corners get VERY dusty. I need to clean the corners.
  • Do some spinning
  • Do a clothing switch out, the weather is cold and I need more work shirts which are all packed away in the basement.
  • Get a bike ride in.
  • Work on step goals, let’s say 5 out of the 7 days meet step goals.

I think I’ll stop there, happy Monday!

2 thoughts on “This Week November 6-12

  1. love your list – and you finished the dreaded second sleeve – kudos, friend! As for buttons, all I can say is Etsy. It’s a black hole of button loveliness.

    Housecleaning? really? That’s a thing? lol. Knitting comes first in my house.

    With this warm fall, I haven’t changed over my closet, either. I keep saying I will, but then it keeps on being warm! Maybe this weekend? I am at least a month late on this, I usually try to hold out in sandals until mid-September. This year, I could still be in sandals if people wouldn’t look at me like I was crazy. 🙂 I stopped on October 1, but it is still pretty warm. That could change tonight, though. It is stormy now and a cold front is to follow.

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