I guess I haven’t taken a photo of venomous tentacula in a bit, so here she is!


I’ve made some great progress on this one. And actually? I don’t think the casting on casting off thing really annoys me nearly as much as I imagined. I really particularly love how the light and dark of the handspun all mushed together sort of gives the overall project highlights. It creates kind off odd shadows in the darker areas. I am genuinely surprised at how much I am enjoying this project! Bonus points, I just bought a new flannel shirt. I didn’t mean to, but it’s the exact colors that are in this scarf, except for the yellow. So I’ll just have to keep after this one in order to have something to wear with my new flannel!

This particular shade of a purpley burgundy in the scarf above seems to be one I am really digging lately. My favorite pair of work pants are that color. And the vest I began in bulky yarn the other day is also that color. I can’t seem to stop! I’d show that off, but like, I’ve got 4 pieces, all ribbing, and none of the amazing cables that I will eventually be knitting done yet.

Last evening Mr. Ink and Miss Butterfly headed to some second hand shops to look for a desk and nightstand for her, and a plant stand of some sort for him. Now, I did not go. I did not go because I wanted these things purchased, but I did not want to do the mental work of making decisions about them. I also did not want to shop. And finally, I needed a little downtime after a rough day. (Work is better, I promise! But, still, some days are rougher than others.) Anyhow, they left and I decided I could just, you know, close my eyes for a minute? Do a reboot? I mean, I used to do that all the time, end my work day with a 20 minute nap. But since we got the dog, that hasn’t happened and my evenings really suffer for it. All of a sudden my phone begins receiving multiple text messages. Yep, it’s Miss Butterfly, sending me picture after picture of various choices from the second hand shop wanting my opinion. Um….that’s NOT how this was supposed to go?!!? I told her I was shutting off my phone.

They came home with a serviceable wooden folding table for Miss Butterfly’s nightstand, and a very nice round end table to use as a plant stand for Mr. Ink’s plants. The living room was rearranged, and now all that’s left for in there is a new area rug. Hopefully I’ll get the motivation to go looking fairly soon.

And that’s all from here, happy hump day!


6 thoughts on “Venomous

  1. Haha I do that to my mom all the time too- we need your valuable opinions:) Just please don’t tell her the trick of turning off your phone,🤣

    • LOL! She had Mr. Ink for valuable opinions! In fact, she used some of it to try to play us against each other. He’d told her no on a desk because it was too big to fit in the space she had for it. She tried to play it off as it being the desk she liked and only $40 to get me to say yes. I didn’t play. I waited it out until they got home so I could ask what the deal was. Life with a 13 year old, I guess. There seems to be a lot of mental work in attempting to keep a step ahead of them.

      • Ok well I haven’t done that. Good for you then for not falling into the trap! I just Value what my mom has to say as she often thinks of things I haven’t!

  2. I LOVE that shawl! It is so perfect with that yarn, the stripes are amazing. Have to go add that to my queue… glad all the casting off and on isn’t a drag…

    As for the shopping – good job sending them both off and not getting caught up in the game. I am sure they will eventually find the perfect desk for her – and meanwhile, it sounds like they found some good things!

    And you got a free evening!

  3. So venemous is amazing . Glad you have found your shade to enjoy this season! As for turning off your phone , wow. I would have felt obligated to chime in . GOOD FOR You. I say one day out of a few, you and the dog should nap together after work!!

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