I Think

My vest is going to be ok. In fact, last night I was so confident of this that I went ahead and began putting the sleeves on it and knitting the yoke. Mr. Ink and I stayed up WAY late watching a movie, and I just kept working on it. So, it’s in great shape, but my hands are not. Nope, not at all. I am waiting for some ibuprofen to kick in. But really, this may be a good thing, as I really didn’t get much useful stuff done yesterday. Maybe today I’ll get something off my list complete.

I did do some spinning on my kromski though!


I finished the batt I put on there a couple weeks ago. I’ve finally got that wheel adjusted “just so” and as it turns out, it’s a fabulous little spinner. I do think I’ll get a nice amount of use out of it. But now I have to decide if I want to chain ply the above batt or leave it as singles. I love the length I can get with laceweight singles, and I don’t have much in stash right now that isn’t already queued with nice large yardage amounts. On the other side of this, I realize that what’s at the beginning of the pink bobbin may be slightly overspun for singles, as I was still adjust and readjusting the wheel to get it “just so.” So I think I’ll let it sit for a day or two and see what I think.

That’s it from here, I am just hoping to motivate to get something useful done, and hoping my hands stop hurting so I can get back to the knitting. And really, I need to keep bulky yarn right OUT of my stash.