This Week November 13-19

Last week:

  • Find buttons for the sweater, sew on, and get a finished object photo.
    • I ended up ordering them online, so I am waiting for them to arrive.
  • Start new sweater. Which is more of a vest. In bulky yarn. So it’ll fly.
  • Clean the corners of the house. When you have hardwood floors and area rugs, the corners get really dusty. When you are using an area rug in the living room that refuses to stop shedding, the corners get VERY dusty. I need to clean the corners.
    • I should add that I only cleaned the living room corners, but those were what I was referring to in the above task.
  • Do some spinning
  • Do a clothing switch out, the weather is cold and I need more work shirts which are all packed away in the basement.
  • Get a bike ride in.
  • Work on step goals, let’s say 5 out of the 7 days meet step goals.
    • Got 7 out of 7 done!

I don’t have any photos for today. But I can give you an update. I finished my bulky knit vest last evening. Before dinner even! Which meant I could weave in ends, soak it, and block it last night. I did so, and though it’s still damp, I tried it on this morning. It fits! I mean, it COULD use more length, and I had the yarn for that. But it doesn’t look wrong as is either. I do need to do two things. First, there’s a hole at the underarm seam that needs a quick re-seaming. And more importantly, though I can get the thing over my head, it’s not particularly comfortable. I need to pick out the bind off, and then bind off with Jeny’s surprisingly stretchy.

I pulled out the rose when I was cleaning the edges of the living room yesterday and had intended to do some spinning on it. But then didn’t. I still haven’t made any decisions about the singles I just finished either. Now, I knew I had planned to go to Okoboji this month, but in the middle of the night I woke up realizing that it was THIS WEEKEND that I planned to go! Color me surprised. So, I am keeping this week’s list pretty light as I don’t think I’ll be home to do stuff over the weekend. But, I DO know that I should have a nice amount of time for knitting and spinning!

This week:

  • Step goals 5 out of 7 days.
  • Clean the edges of the floors in the bedroom.
  • Dust living room and bedroom
  • Get a load of Miss Butterfly’s outgrown clothing to donation.
  • Begin a knit-to be felted-spinning bag for new wheel.
  • Knitting and spinning on the weekend!

Oh, and I forgot this picture from the weekend. On Saturday, Lizzie finally destroyed her beloved toy, the stuffed pineapple with a pull rope and squeaker. She loves this toy far above all others, and it’s also lasted the longest despite being used the most. I told Mr. Ink he’d better go get another one. And this happened:


Yep, that’s TWO new pineapple toys, one for now and one for later. Spoiled thing!