Busy Bee

I’ve been a busy little knitting bee this week, it’s been fun! Except for that time when I came home from work, dragged all my new projects outside, took pictures of them, took them inside, only to realize late at night that none of my pictures stayed in my phone. (My phone has issues, it’s getting old.)

That’s ok, it just delayed a blog post. The day was super wet and gloomy anyhow and photos for today are better anyhow.

So, I knew the KAL for the Rikaart shawl started on Tuesday. And I was done with my vest Sunday night. I didn’t want to start any other large project. So I knit a spinning bag for felting for the new wheel, that was a one evening project. I am saving that photo for a separate post, once it’s felted. Then I began a baby sweater for Miss Butterfly’s best friend, who is getting a baby sister in January. We are keeping this a surprise from the mom, but both the girls know.


It’s another baby mine sweater, and I am using rowan cotton glace. I already had it in stash, and nothing is easier to care for than cotton really. I only got this far on the sleeve before the Rikaart shawl started, so I got the first clue of that done:


Doesn’t that just look like the colors of a vintage afghan? The orange is handspun from Miss Marja, and the other two are my own handspun yarns. It’s been a fun little knit along so far, there are a lot of direction changes that I think will keep me very interested.

My Okoboji plans fell through, my friend who is moving is just too swamped for the plans we had made now that her move date is set. I had a suspicion that might happen. So instead, Miss Marja and I are heading to the local yearly guild show. I told her I plan to also put on make up so she’ll take photos of at LEAST my new vest, if not the finished sweater too, if the buttons arrive in time.

And in other news, work is going SO well right now that I just decided this morning to take all of next week off. Obviously I haven’t made any big plans, as it’s a new thought, but I think I’ll do my deep cleaning of the house, as usual, that week. I always feel like doing so during thanksgiving week really makes me feel cozy and happy and at home during the busy holiday season.