A Tiny Project

I decided the new wheel needed a new felted wheel bag. And what better to make such a thing out of than handspun? I grabbed some leftover fatcatknits batt handspun, held it double, and knit a quick bag. I made it smaller than called for as my previous bag is a little too large for my Rose. It was a one evening project, knitting up so quickly. But then it took all week for me to grab a photo. Once I did, I figured I might as well put the knit photo and the felted photo side by side, so I waited until yesterday to grab the felted photo.

I love it! It is super fuzzy, and the pieces in the handspun that were basically dyed locks lightly spun are kind of just hanging out of the bag fabric. It’s so perfect for a spinning wheel bag! In the end, this smaller one went on the Rose and the old larger one went on the Kromski where it fits better.

The guild show yesterday morning was great, I brought home a lot of lovely fiber, and one handknit ornament. I kind of overdid it, as my fiber cabinet is super light, but second guessed myself as I was being rung up and sent Miss Butterfly back with a couple bumps to hang back up. It’s just that there was more color variety this year than there usually is and I was really struggling to choose! Of course I purchased mostly 8 oz. amounts, since I tend to prefer to work in larger quantities.

I do think you’ll see some finished spinning from me soon, since I also spent the morning with Miss Marja, chatting, and getting some wheel spinning done. Once that current project is done, I’ll probably leave it as singles. It’s pretty close.

I did begin my deep cleaning project as well. I began on our bedroom and have a bit of a funny story to tell about it. This summer my mom gave Miss Butterfly a nice fat check for birthday and christmas. This was while we were on vacation. I came home, put the check somewhere “safe” and never saw it again. It was quite distressing, and I looked all over the house and could not find it. Finally, I had to own up to this and tell my mom, who was kind enough to send another check. Well, as I pulled out my dresser to dust the wall behind it, I saw a tiny corner of paper peeking out from behind the heating vent. I was like “What on earth could that be?!?!” So I pulled that corner, and out pops the check. I told Mr. Ink and he was like “That’s the kind of thing that happens that you never find it, and someone who decides to tear out the walls in 80 years finds and it boggles their minds!”

Anyhow, deep cleaning of the bedroom happened, including windows inside and out. Then even though it wasn’t on the list, I figured it was a pretty easy job so I cleaned the hallway too. Today’s list is the living room which was recently well cleaned so it should go quickly, and Mr. Ink’s den. Which will be a bit of a nightmare. He has to dust all his tiny figurines himself, but he did agree to do it. It shouldn’t be as bad as some rooms to deep clean though, as I did that when we rearranged this summer.

And of course, if I could get a bit ahead of schedule today, that just sets me up nicely for the rest of the week!  Am I supposed to get this much joy from cleaning?!?!

5 thoughts on “A Tiny Project

  1. Okay, Number one , I thought Miss Marja was a yarn. I’m slow. I just realized it is the spinning wheel! I was off to find some Miss Marja yarn to buy. LOL Second, I LOVE the bloom on the bag as it felted. Just gorgeous. Love the pattern/yarn winning combo! Finally, no you should not get such pleasure cleaning…..I’m jealous. I only like when its over. (cleaning fridge today)

    • Oh dear, I seem to have not explained Marja very well at all! She’s my human friend. I made a spinner out of her, but she does not knit. Which means I often get handspun yarn from her since once it is created, she has to find someone to knit it. I also often knit her handspun yarn into something for her.

      Don’t worry, I feel certain the pleasure of deep cleaning will wear off before the end of the week!

  2. A sweet tiny project! What do you put in these spinning bags?

    Sounds like you really enjoy your deep cleaning! The treasures to be found! I will be doing some cleaning this week as well, but not sure about how deep it will be. Just not feeling motivated for it. But company is coming, so some has to happen.

    • In the little spinning bags I keep a small pair of scissors, some scrap yarn for bobbin leaders and to tie off skeins, in the kromski bag I keep an orifice hook. In the majacraft bag I keep various types of sliding hooks for my flyer, and a tiny allen wrench for changing out my whorls. So basically, the bits and bobs I use at the wheel. It’s nice to have it handy, and since the bags stay on my wheel, I’ve got the tools I need no matter where I am spinning.

      • I like those ideas. I have the orifice hook tied to the wheel with a ribbon, but sometimes it gets in my way. I will have to think about how a bag would work. And scraps of yarn and scissors are good things to always have handy.

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