This Week November 20-26

Last week:

  • Step goals 5 out of 7 days.
    • Got 6 out of 7.
  • Clean the edges of the floors in the bedroom.
    • Well, I went ahead and deep cleaned the bedroom, so the edges and MUCH more got done.
  • Dust living room and bedroom
    • I did dust the living room on Sunday, as it was part of the living room deep clean.
  • Get a load of Miss Butterfly’s outgrown clothing to donation.
  • Begin a knit-to be felted-spinning bag for new wheel.
  • Knitting and spinning on the weekend!

I’d kept my list pretty light since I had planned to go to Okoboji. But that fell through, so my list was pretty easy. I did spin and knit over the weekend. I also got about 1/3 of the house deep cleaned in my vacation deep clean project.

I also had a list of stores I needed to visit today, but Miss Butterfly and I got two of them done yesterday. That’s a funny story all it’s own. Miss Butterfly had asked repeatedly if she could call her grandmother and spend some time there yesterday. Now, I knew she was headed out there tomorrow evening after school to babysit one of her cousins on Wednesday. I’d planned to spend the day with her on Wednesday. So, instead I wanted to spend the day with her yesterday knowing full well I was unlikely to see her over thanksgiving holiday. She told me there was nothing to do around the house. Which was sort of true as I was deep cleaning. I gave her a bunch of chores, which she did. And then I thought maybe she’d like to go shopping with me. So I offered that and she told me she didn’t want to go. Repeatedly. Eventually she got a shower, and I got a shower, and then I got back in work around the house clothing since it was clear we weren’t going anywhere. Then she said “When are we leaving?” as if the previous conversations about how she didn’t want to go had never even happened! Teenagers, right?

So in the end I crossed two stores off my list, and that was good. Less for me to worry about today. Do you know what’s on the big list for deep cleaning today? Both bathrooms. Which actually shouldn’t be too bad since I did them last weekend. And tomorrow is kitchen and dining room. Wednesday is craft room, which I thought would be a huge chore as I’d left it very messy. But, BUT, I worked on it a ton on Saturday. I didn’t clean, but I did put things away and get it to a place where cleaning would be possible.

Mr. Ink got his figurines dusted, which is wonderful. I only bug him about it once a year, and so it’s quite a chore of a job. All in all, the house is in much better shape than it generally is during a deep cleaning week, as I’d done so much cleaning when we got the new furniture and moved around the area rugs.

Anyhow! Pictures. Here’s my bulky vest.


I do still wish it were longer! Also, I don’t love the high neckline. While I think it’s unlikely that I’ll take it all the way back to add length, I do think I may remove the neckline and lower it significantly. It’s just not my favorite. I also think that may balance the entire thing a bit, and maybe the shortness won’t worry me so much.

All in all though, not a bad knit. Glad it’s done though! (If we don’t count the idea of me ripping back the neckline anyhow.)

This week:

  • Step goals 6 out of 7 days
  • 1 bike ride
  • At least 1 walk around a lake with Lizzie
  • Finish the deep cleaning of the house
  • Get started on a basement cleaning and organizing
  • Run all the errands currently in my day planner
  • Get the tree up. Doesn’t have to be decorated, just up
  • Take photos of new yarn and fiber, get that entered on Ravelry

I think I’ll leave it there for now. Tomorrow, a baby sweater! And then there’s also handspun singles to show off. Yep, it’s clearly not been all chores around here.