Baby Mine

A tiny sweater, newborn size, was completed last week.


I didn’t get around to getting it soaked until midday Saturday, and then it took forever to dry since it’s a nice heavy cotton. Now it’s a bit stiff feeling, but it’ll wear well and loosen up nicely with a real wash and a run through the dryer I think.

Not a lot new to report. When I got up yesterday morning Lizzie and I walked Miss Butterfly to school. I was feeling extremely foggy brained, and not particularly well. I got back and had breakfast with Mr. Ink, but didn’t really want it. I sat down and got a cup of coffee in me, as well as a blog post up, and then? Realized that fighting that feeling of “What I really need is sleep” was too much. I mean really, why force myself to get up, stay up, and clean when I am ON VACATION! So I went back to bed even before Mr. Ink left for work. Woke up with a stomach bug. So, that explained it. (If I think real hard about it, I realize I wasn’t feeling particularly well the night before either, I was just ignoring it.)

I spent the majority of the day awfully woozy, napping on and off, and generally trying to just get the bare minimum done. Lizzie Bean, my constant companion, did as she always does when someone in the house is ill, she wouldn’t leave my side. So, that’s one day of vacation wasted. OR, it’s one day of sick I didn’t have to try to suffer through at work. Either way, I am glad I was at home and resting. And very glad it seems short lived.

Now today I’ll have to get back after it. Though somehow my momentum feels a bit off now. Hah. But I am sure I’ll muddle through and be glad I did!