Yeah No

My momentum stayed off yesterday. I just had a really hard time motivating. Though my family was happy to see me as up and around as I was. I got some spinning done, the bare minimum of housework, and 2 out of the house errands run. But no deep cleaning at all.

I also got knitting done. The second part of the rikaart shawl pattern came out yesterday morning so I jumped right on that and got it done.


It was basically what I did over coffee in the morning. I also took the extra time to fastidiously weave in all my ends. It was starting to look a little goofy, as I kept forgetting to carry my yarns up the sides and had to break the yarn way more often than the pattern calls for.

The other thing that happened yesterday was numerous walks with Lizzie Bean. I was so grumpy I didn’t get more than a walk around the block early in the morning the day I was sick, and had to leave the task to the rest of my family. So I was just as eager as she was yesterday to get out there and walk. Except it was cold. And extremely windy. So we counteracted this by going out for short walks numerous times. I think I’ll try to remember that trick through the winter.

Today? Who Knows! I am not promising anything but knitting and spinning. I was so uninspired yesterday. But, the cleaning mood could still strike. Might be best to hope for the craft room clean up actually. In which case, maybe I could even get some weaving done too. Or drum carding. Or anything that tends to happen in the craft room but isn’t because it’s just too full in there to think right now.