Happy Thanksgiving

Hello all! I hope you are able to spend a lovely thanksgiving in a way which is important to you. As for us, we keep things pretty low key. No traditional turkey for us, neither of us like it. Instead, we go downtown to a friend’s flat to watch the downtown area christmas lights get turned on. There’s a ceremony and it’s lovely, but we stay inside and warm with good company and conversation. This year Mr. Ink and I are taking one of my friends from work as she has no family in the area. This will be her first time meeting our crazy biking friends, and I think it’s quite courageous to want to go to a party with lots of people she doesn’t know.

Yesterday was a good day, a productive day finally. I deep cleaned both bathrooms and almost finished deep cleaning my craft room. It was great! I was so happy to be back at it. And Mr. Ink noticed immediately when he got home. “Those bathrooms look amazing!” so the feedback was a really nice bonus. Just the kitchen and dining room left now, and I’ll do those tomorrow. I have to have Mr. Ink out of the house for the kitchen cleaning, and I have to get my mind wrapped around the fact that it’s just going to get messed up again. Kitchens can be tough.

Know what else I did? I knit a cowl. An entire cowl! Of course, it was out of bulky handspun yarn so it’s not THAT amazing. The pattern is Mecha cowl, and it had a technique I was curious about. Turns out it was super fun! The pattern itself is just done in bulky commercial yarn, but I used a gradient handspun. The pattern itself calls for just 3 panels, I knit 6 because that’s how much yarn I had for it. Then I alternated panels to mix up the gradient.


And this is what I ended up with! It’s really interesting, and those braid things were very simple too. If I were to do it all over again, I’d do a crochet cast on in order to make the cast on look like the bind off. In fact, I probably will do it again because this one was really fun and fast. And it could easily be done in scrap handspuns too, matching some up that looked reasonably like each other.

That’s about it from here, enjoy your day!


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