First Up

Another lovely vacation day was had yesterday. I am not a shopper, and I am certainly not a black friday shopper. It’s not really for me, someone who is always trying to figure out what I can get rid of doesn’t really want to go out and brave crowds for stuff. Mr. Ink did take me out to dinner after he got home from work and doing his black friday shopping. He had a coupon for a hardware store and we needed a new kitchen garbage can, so he carefully planned his trip and got exactly what he wanted. A very nice garbage can similar to what I’d been looking at for $60, but it was $16 with his coupon and the “scratch and dent” discount. Perfect purchase if you ask me, as I kept complaining about the prices of the ones I had been looking at.

I mostly finished my kitchen/dining room deep cleaning. All that’s left is to wash the floors, which I can do today but I just couldn’t get inspired about yesterday. And that brings the entire house to completion. Including the basement steps. I had the basement on my list, but it’s not that necessary so I am probably going to skip it. Miss Butterfly comes home this morning and I’ve got activities to do with her. Such as setting up the christmas tree.

What else did I do? Well, Lizzie has been asking me to run with her and I don’t really run. So yesterday I took her out to a little used part of a trail with my bike, and let her run beside me while I rode. She doesn’t have a great deal of endurance at the moment, she’ll run full out for a bit, and then stop to go sniff things. But the joy on her face when she is running full speed was unmistakable and really fun.

And now for that spinning I promised. I took photos of these singles while they were still on the bobbins awhile back, and there they sat because I wasn’t sure if I’d leave them as singles or ply them. I decided to leave them as singles, I’ve got 877 yards.


These are pretty great singles actually, not over spun and they lay nicely in the skein. That kromski prelude has turned out to be a really fabulous spinning machine, making me some very even and nicely spun yarn. I am glad to have it. Not sure what the resulting skein will be yet, but I don’t have any high yardage laceweight singles left in my stash with projects unplanned, so I thought I’d add these.

Tomorrow, more handspun! I mean, I even created some yesterday and probably will again today, so those handspun photos may just keep coming.


One thought on “First Up

  1. I am with you on the shopping. I hate it ( except yarn shopping) and I hate crowds, so there is no sale good enough to get me near a store on Black Friday! But good Mr. Ink was willing to brave it and get you a new kitchen trash can, and take you out to dinner, too!

    Love that yarn! I haven’t the confidence in my singles to leave them thus yet, but someday! Can’t wait to see what else you shared, but I am off to look fir another post now!

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