Expect the Unexpected

Last evening we’d planned to go, as a family, to see the new Murder on the Orient Express. Poirot mysteries are kind of my thing. When Mr. Ink got home, he said “Why don’t we go out to dinner as well? It’ll be a tight turn around, so we should leave now, but it’s doable.”

So, we went out to dinner. And, as it turns out, we didn’t get our food until half an hour after the movie started. Movie was skipped. However, it was trivia night at the place we were eating. While we didn’t formally participate, we all listened to the questions and tried to answer them, and had a wonderful time together! Miss Butterfly was initially quite irritated about missing the movie, but even she had a lovely time. We even had a 3 way split on a brownie sundae, as a consolation prize. Not what we expected for the evening, but great time spent together nonetheless.

I got photos of my worsted weight 3 ply!


I could not be more pleased with this end result. I ended up with 440 yards of this stuff, and I am having a hard time not balling it up immediately and casting on. The only thing stopping me really is simply that I haven’t located the correct project. This one may never make it into stash.

Tuesday night we finally sprung for a prime membership. Know what that means? Doctor Who with Miss Butterfly again.


Everyone seemed rather thrilled with the decision. Lizzie’s pretty much into any TV if it means she gets to spend time with Miss Butterfly. While Mr. Ink wants nothing to do with Doctor Who, he’s pretty pleased to try Man in the High Tower, so I got plenty of spinning time on Tuesday night!

Tonight Mr. Ink goes to see a live show. He wanted me to go, badly, but I’d get him to play this band’s music for me, and every single song went like this: “Oh, that’s kind of nice, I could get into that.” and then by the end of the song?” WHAT IS THIS WALL OF SOUND ASSAULTING MY SENSES!” So, he’s gotta go alone. I don’t know yet if Miss Butterfly will be home, her father usually takes her on Wednesdays but he had to work last night. So, it might be a nice quiet evening for me!

4 thoughts on “Expect the Unexpected

  1. That yarn is very nice, I can see why you need to knit it immediately. Maybe knit a gauge swatch so you can play with it?

    Do stay home tonight, peace and quiet sounds good!

    Bummer about the movie, though. I hope you get to see it soon. I am tempted by it as well, but it will be hard sell at my house. How you feel about that music is how my dear A feels about slow moving British type movies. 🙂

    • Oh that’s so fun! When I participate formally with a group, we also choose new names each week. One week, we even won nationally! We got a nice fat gift certificate for that. Trivia is fun.

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