Here’s the deal

I’ve been having some problems with wordpress lately. Like, sometimes it posts stuff I had no intention of posting, but those posts are also…nothing posts? Like, it seems like there should be photos but they don’t show up. When I view them, those posts don’t even look like they exist. So they are hard for me to even notice. Except, sometimes Salpal1 finds them and comments, and then I know they are out there. But, when clicking on her comment, I still can’t view those posts. It’s so strange.

And then there’s this. I was trying to update my knitmeter tally, since I hadn’t done so before thanksgiving vacation. And, we all know how much knitting and spinning I managed on vacation, tons! I went down through all the visible posts, and guess what? I can’t find my finished venomous tentacula photo. Did I not post it? I feel like I absolutely did, and I also feel like I remember reading comments about it at some point! And while thanksgiving vacation was a bit of a blur with two GI sicknesses that week, I don’t think I am totally crazy.

For posterity’s sake, here’s the photo.


It’s done. I swear I posted it. But maybe not. Anyhow, it was a fantastic knit, I am sure I wrote that before too. It’s been too warm to wear it so far, but it matches so much of what I own.

In other news, Miss Butterfly didn’t go hang with her dad last night so she and I watched Doctor Who and I did some spinning. Mr. Ink went to his show, and I stayed home messing around with my new handspun. I began a scarf called Bias Scarf with Ribbed Cables. But, while I really LOVE the pattern and do think I’ll knit it at some point, the very sparkly yarn just made everything look terribly busy. So, I ripped it out this morning and began at Ameeta Scarf, which I think will be really nice. Once I’ve got a bit more done on it, I’ll grab a photo. I also need to get a current in progress spinning photo.

On Thanksgiving day, we took Lizzie to the dog park. Unfortunately, I am beginning to believe she picked up a case of kennel cough. It was really disturbing before I figured out what might be going on! But, now that I know it can be like a cold, I am less anxious. She’s eating and drinking just fine, so hopefully it’ll resolve without a vet bill. And I guess next time we are at the vet, a vaccination will be in order.

And that’s it from here, it’s been a really busy Friday so this is getting published far later than usual. But tomorrow is Saturday, and MAYBE I’ll be able to get a shot of a sweater finished weeks ago!

11 thoughts on “Here’s the deal

  1. Do you use the WordPress app? I’ve had trouble with that double posting all my posts. I know I hit the button once but end up with two or three posts. Plus the photo thing changed and all my photos ended up huge. It is very frustrating.

    • Yes, I do use the app to upload pictures. But, then I use the web version on my computer to actually write/post. I think it’s something happening when I upload the pictures. I don’t know what they’ve done, but it certainly isn’t working as it once did.

  2. Your Tentacula is just so pretty! Im sorry you are having WORDPRESS issues. So far, so good with wordpress here. Hmmmm wonder why you are having some difficulties? Hope they get resolved soon. It can be so frustrating !

  3. Sorry to cause you angst! Haven’t seen the finished tentacula so maybe that was a lost post? It is incredibly beautiful and worth sharing, that is for sure!!!

    Sorry Lizzie got sick too, you have had a houseful of germs!

    And FYI i do use the app and the computer and have trouble with things staying in drafts or posting twice. I just thought it was operator error. 🙄

    • I don’t think I would have even known there were weird posting issues had you not mentioned them, so I am actually really glad you commented on those posts! I definitely don’t think it’s operator error, not since 4 of us are reporting issues! I am sure they’ll resolve it at some point.

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