Another 3 Braid Combo

My last 3 braid combo spin, where I used 3 braids from different dyers was so much fun. Here’s the photo for reference:


In this particular case, I did each set of singles separately and then plied them. But, I wanted to do a combo spin where I mixed up each braid into 3 parts. So, on small business saturday, I picked up 3 braids of Malabrigo Nube to spin for a combo spin. Now, my irritation with Nube is well documented on this blog I believe, but the reality is that the price point is low for dyed fiber. So, if I just remove the felted bits at the edges, I can still end up with a pretty decent spin.

The colorways I divided for this spin are Boreal, Whales Road, and Candombe. All the skeins had a cranberry theme going on with one heading more toward pink/purple, one headed more toward green/earth tones, and the third headed more toward various blues.


I am spinning on the rose for this one, pretty thinly so it’s slow going for sure. I am partway through my first bobbin, so I’ve a long way to go yet. In the meantime, if I get too bored I’ll just pull out another bump or two for thicker singles on the prelude. Seriously, that’s not going to get old any time soon!

We had a pretty quiet day yesterday. I stayed quiet so that Lizzie would stay quiet. We did go out grocery shopping and I made some food so that we had something to eat when company came for firepit time. All of us are on low carb diets so that made decision making pretty easy. We did have some serious giggles when Lizzie, who had done her best to stay quiet and resting all day, broke out dancing when Mr. Ink put on some music. Hilarious. We couldn’t help but dance with her for a few minutes. Such a funny, goofy, happy doggo. She also was able to enjoy a ton of attention from visitors too, so we feel like we were at least able to provide her brain with something interesting even if taking walks, running, jumping, and playing are off the table right now. On the bright side, she did seem better yesterday and so far today she’s seemed much better too.

That’s about it from here. I’ve already done the clean up from last evening’s visitors, and have started the laundry, so now I can hang out in my warm sunny house feeling comfortable!

4 thoughts on “Another 3 Braid Combo

  1. I love your combo spins!!! So pretty! But they do take a long time, don’t they? I am still working on the one I started in July! 9 braids was a crazy thought, lol.

    • 9 braids is crazy. BUT…it’ll be awesome when it’s done, so awesome! I think entirely worth it. I may try that someday, a combo spin large enough for a sweater.

      • that was my goal – spin a sweater. I divided them into groups of three, one ply each, and it is working out well, to some pretty yarn, but it is SO SLOW. I think I just have one more set of three bobbins worth to do and it is done, and I won’t let myself cast one the sweater until I finish, but that isn’t even enough motivation…

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