Holiday Decorating

Here’s the scene that Miss Butterfly put together for us with her inherited pieces.


It really is lovely and festive! And with all the snow, feels entirely unlike what we are looking at outdoors. The weather is cool now, but doesn’t even remotely feel snowy or seasonal.

Last evening Lizzie broke down what I feel may be the last of her rescue dog walls. (Though there’s still a cringe she does if we hold our hands a certain way, but we just try to avoid that.) Lizzie immediately became “my” dog, attaching herself to me and following me everywhere. Miss Butterfly was a close substitute and a reasonable surrogate, and a great toy. She likes people in general, and so she’s liked Mr. Ink all this time. But, she has never been quite so affectionate with him. She has never jumped on his lap, jumped up on the couch beside him, and always hollers like she’s hurt if he tries to pick her up. While she seemed to think him just fine and like his attentions, she has stayed reserved as well. And I know this has been tough on Mr. Ink a bit, because he’s the dog whisperer. Dogs just love him. On the other hand, he’d had 17 years of a very attached dog so it was ok with him if Lizzie decided I was her person.

Until last evening. Seems like somehow he broke through that barrier, unexpectedly. He got home from work, and as usual she was super happy to see him. And then when he sat down on the couch? She hopped right up next to him and put her leg on his.


Just wiggling and begging for attention!

I had to capture a picture or two, of course. And then she got a lot of attention.


It really didn’t end there. Throughout the evening, every time he sat on the couch she’d jump right up beside him. At the end of the evening, he got down on the floor with her as he often does, and she ended up laying on her side, her head on his shoulder, eyes closed looking totally blissed out. He finally did it, with patience, he won her over.

I don’t have any crafty photos. I’ve been working on my sparkly scarf, and spinning my 3 braid combo spin. I kind of have it in my head that I could be plying by the weekend. I am about halfway through my second bobbin. So, it’s possible, but it would also be a real push. We’ll have to see, but I admit I am anxious to see how the yarn turns out which really does help push through.

That’s it from here, I don’t think I’ll have much to share this week to be honest. Slow crafting week with larger projects I guess!