I’ve got an update on this cold but sunny Saturday! I just spent a lovely morning with my family, starting with pancakes and bacon, then spinning singles from my 3 braid combo while watching a musical with Miss Butterfly. I finished the singles! Which is great, right on target for where I wanted to be today. Plying.


I have this distinct feeling I am going to love this combo, and I have half a mind to pick up 3 more braids of the same color to complete enough for a garment if I do love the first plied skein. However, I am insisting that I finish and wash a skein, maybe even knit a swatch, before purchasing 3 more braids. I think that’s fair.

Over this week I kept thinking that I really had nothing to show off craft wise. I mean, miles of singles that you’ve already seen, as well as a scarf that has grown but the pattern is the same as the last picture just doesn’t seem like particularly interesting blog fodder. However, there is something I haven’t shown off. Mind you, I started it over thanksgiving vacation, and haven’t worked on it in at least a week. But, I can still snap a photo.


I am working on a hitofude cardigan. I am using some rowan felted tweed I had in stash. Gotta use up those sweater amounts of stashed yarn before I move on to other fun commercial yarns!

Today the big thing on my to do list is to get dressed up to go out to lunch with Mr. Ink. It’s cold, and so I plan to wear my new sweater. The one that has been sitting finished since before thanksgiving but I never get around to getting photographed. I really like it, but it’s mostly been too warm to wear it. Today’s the day! Tomorrow’s the blog post.

In other hobbies, I’ve been really into doing my nails lately. I’d let my nails get longer than usual and I considered a proper manicure but I couldn’t be bothered to leave the house for it. So instead, I steal Miss Butterfly’s nail polishes since I don’t have any of my own. I really had this impression that it takes so long to do, and I can’t be bothered to sit still for that long. But apparently I was mistaken, or, the products used now are better than they were 15 years ago. Which is probably how long it’s been since I’ve painted my nails. In any case, with a little care it doesn’t take that long at all and in just a few minutes I can be back to spinning with no adverse effects. Not too bad a prospect at all!

And with that, I suppose I should go get something worthwhile done today! Have a fantastic weekend!



3 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Well, twinny! I am starting a hitofude for a January KAL. Not out of handspun, though my SQ of that continues to creep toward completion! I am always amazed at how fast you rip through spinning vast quantities of yarn. You are my hero! The singles look lovely, I expect that the finished yarn will as well, and you will soon buy three more braids of that lovely stuff.

    • Nice! The rows are long, but engaging on the hitofude. I think the main reason I put it down, other than spinning and knitting with handspun, is that my rowan felted tweed is very sheddy. Between the carpet that won’t stop shedding, and a long haired double coated dog, adding a sheddy yarn to the mix is kind of frustrating during the work week. (I live in corduroy pants in the winter, everything sticks to them!)

      I am not positive how I feel about that first skein of handspun, pics tomorrow as it was still damp yesterday, but I suspect it’s a wearable color even if not my favorite and I’ll just have to move forward with the next 3 skeins. You are probably right. 🙂

      • Sheddy yarn is tough in the house in the winter! I have some herdwick to spin, I meant to do it this summer (outside) and never got to it. It sheds like crazy in the spinning! It is quite a rough yarn, and so I also intend to spin up some angora to line a yummily warm hat with. I guess this one is going to be a several year project. 🙂

        Hitofude has been in my queue for a long time, and I decided I have the yarn and the pattern and the KAL, January is the time. 🙂 Glad to hear it is engaging, it looks like one I would like to make and wear. I’ll catch up next month and we can go forward together.

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