I started Drijfhout on October 9. I knit it in about a month and then had all those issues with buttons. The buttons finally came in around thanksgiving time, and I got them on but then never wore it or got a photograph until this weekend.

The day was so bright and sunny. Miss Butterfly took a million photos of me with a scrunched up face and closed eyes. It was alarmingly bright. I tried photos in the shade but then it was impossible to see the sweater at all. So, I had to pull out some sunglasses. Things got much better at that point.


Turns out this sweater fits very nicely, and I am certainly keeping the pattern in the running for future sweaters. I really like it! Maybe a handspun one next, where the handspun does the color changes for me. The pattern was easy to follow, I like the small details like the tab at the bottom of the button band, and the wollmeise is really easy to wear without feeling like you’ve got WOOL!!! against your skin.

The buttons I chose are itty bitty czeck glass mushroom beads which add a lovely interest to the sweater. And they were cheap, even though I got them from overseas.

Had a lovely day yesterday, Mr. Ink and I went to my favorite restaurant for a late lunch. When we arrived, I realized that my favorite meal which I really had chosen that place for was not being made that day. I was so disappointed! This is a place where the menu changes though they have some core foods. The waiter pointed out oxtail ravioli in a gorgonzola cream sauce, and told me I would not be disappointed. In the end, I was actually pleased that my favorite meal was unavailable to me, so good was the alternate suggestion! We then wandered around downtown looking in antique shops. For what I am not sure, but I realized the difference between him and I. He goes in a place like that and sees potential. I go in and wonder why people didn’t just throw that junk away. It’s not that I don’t like anything old, it’s just that I am so easily overwhelmed by too much stuff and those shops always have too much stuff. I wander around going “WHY!?! WHY?!?!” And then anything that does have potential gets lost in my grumpiness. Hah.

But, that’s not to say it wasn’t a lovely sunny day out.

Miss Butterfly had a lot of her own stuff going on and ended up sleeping over at a friends house. I am hoping she’ll get home with enough time to take a nice long walk today as the weather is supposed to be mild.

Have a great Sunday friends!

5 thoughts on “Drijfhout

    • I actually have regular nightmares about really bright sunlight. I am always in some situation where I cannot open my eyes because of the sunlight and am thus blind in situations I really shouldn’t be, like driving a car. It’s quite disconcerting.

  1. I LOVE YOUR FINISH. I Love the subtle button choices. That sweater is a perfect finish. I LOVE Seeing you squinty or not. Fabulous finish. Tell Butterfly she did a great job capturing the beauty.

  2. I love that sweater on you – great job! And how nice to have a pattern that you know will fit you and look great, but isn’t so unique that you only want one. 🙂

    I hear you about antique-type shops. Sometimes I do well in them, see potential, but mostly I am overwhelmed and even if I think something could be nice, I feel like I can’t move in the shop to look at the back or open the drawers or anything. I rarely buy anything at all. And A can’t stand how the shops usually smell – that mustiness. She is always afraid that whatever we buy there will smell that way and then our whole house will, and so it goes. The antiques we do have came from my grandmothers, and there aren’t too many of those!

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