That moment when you realize you are so far behind in your holiday planning as to be ridiculous.

Even just normal, run of the mill shopping needing to be done is out of hand now, and I am not sure how I’ll even keep up with that! And then it’s coupon season, meaning the stuff you need anyhow is cheaper if you just buy now, despite the fact one might not like to set foot in the store because it’s the holiday season.

So, I made a ridiculous list this morning of the various places I really need to go. There are currently 8 stores on the list. I also listed out when I might possibly get to each of them, of course in the most efficient way possible. And naturally, I feel a bit guilty just realizing I let an entire weekend go by without doing any of these tasks!

That being said, we took Lizzie out for her first long walk post kennel cough. We took her on her harness instead of collar just in case, as we didn’t want to aggravate her issue. The walk we took is a 3 mile walk around a lake. It generally takes us about an hour with her. Mr. Ink rode his bike on the mountain bike trails while Miss Butterfly and I walked Lizzie. For the first two thirds of the walk it was miserable. She had to smell ALL OF THE SMELLS since she hadn’t been out in awhile. We walked so so slow, and it was so irritating. But for the final third Mr. Ink had been riding long enough and came to find us. Once she saw him on the bike, she decided that she wanted to do some running too. We let her off leash, and then it was tough to keep up with her.

BTW, Lizzie has her own instagram account run by Miss Butterfly. While most of the photos posted there are ones you see here on the blog, sometimes she also posts videos. You can follow here if you are so inclined. There are long periods of time in between posts because sometimes (often) Miss Butterfly has her phone taken from her for one reason or another.

Anyhow, instead of posting a Monday list for the week, which I seem to have failed to do anyhow, I am just going to see how many of those 8 places on my list I can manage to get to this week.

The photo for today is my rikaart shawl as it is currently.


There’s only the brown colored edge left and then I am done. Well, that and weaving in ends, obviously. I brought this to work so I could get it done this week, before I told myself I’d use my lunches to help me get some of those stores off my list. Unless I take it back home with me, I won’t get a chance to work on this until Wednesday. Ah well, projects will get completed despite the full schedule. There’s a week of vacation time coming up at the end of the month!


One thought on “Ooof

  1. I had to laugh at the line about Miss B losing her phone. And here I thought she was perfect. 🙂 Glad she is just normal.

    The shawl looks wonderful, but I hear you about other seasonal things needing to take over life. It will be waiting for you when you are able to get back to it. I am on vacation later this month as well. In fact, only 7 more work days! Yippee!

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