4 out of 10 ain’t bad

After my slightly panicked post yesterday bemoaning my lack of christmas spirit and knowledge I had little time left and so much to do, I banged out 4 out of 10 stops yesterday. Two at lunch and two in the evening while Miss Butterfly was at show choir. It was a very busy evening and I may have forgotten a few things here and there, but it does feel good to have some of it done.


And here’s a photo of my 3 braid combo spin! This is skein 1 and it’s 530 yards. The second skein ended up being 480 yards and it’s currently soaking. So, a solid 1,000 yards out of the first set of braids. I did order more, because I do want sweater amounts.

I was shooting for a fingering weight yarn for this spin, but I think what I have is more a sport weight. Nube tends to bloom quite a lot, as well as increase greatly in softness. So, the lightweight yarn I thought I had turned into a gorgeous bouncy sport weight. I think this has happened to me before. Hah.

I wouldn’t really have imagined these colors would be this dark overall, though I should have imagined it. And it’s not colors I would have chosen as already created yarn. That being said, it’s a good color, and probably very appropriate for wearing. Anyhow, it’s good looking yarn, no question. I am glad I have it!

One more errand of the season will be completed at lunchtime today. And then I may be done with lunchtime errands for awhile. But, it has been nice to knock those out during the word day rather than wasting my evening.

Hope your week is going well!

4 thoughts on “4 out of 10 ain’t bad

  1. I do love that color, it is similar to how my nine braid combo is turning out. Maybe blue and purple always dominate? I think the color is eminently wearable, goes with most everything, with all the little pops of color in it!

    Glad you are getting so many errands done! That must feel good!

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