It’s that time of the year

The time where when I am at home, it’s dark. I actually have always kind of liked that time, as long as it doesn’t last too long. It’s cozy. It brings up memories of late naps on the couch growing up, where you wake up all warm to the beginning of prairie home companion on the radio and lay there listening with your eyes closed because you are just totally in this lovely cozy space and you don’t quite want it to end.  Or later, when I was a young adult and working so hard just to get by, but still took the time to light a candle or two and enjoy the christmas lights in the neighborhood. That important space of just being, rather than being busy all the time.

Now? It’s a comfortable chair in the living room by the tree with a dog at my feet, knitting in my lap, the constant chatter of my teen telling me all the school drama, and the sounds and smells of Mr. Ink cooking in the kitchen. Still extremely cozy.

What it is NOT good for? Perfect lighting to show off pretty handknits.


Here’s my ameeta scarf, all done, after some time in the comfy chair yesterday. It’s sparkly and pretty and this photo does not show off the color at all, we’ll have to go back to the in progress photo here:


And then I’ll just have to ask you to use your imagination for the finished object. Though looking at that photo it’s not great lighting either. But it’s closer! Anyhow, it really is a lovely scarf, and so festive with all the little sparkly bits throughout. The pattern was not difficult but I did have to really keep track of each row. As long as I did so, this moved along quite well.

I don’t know, beyond the hitofude cardigan, what’s next for my knitting. On Saturday the third braid for my second 3 braid combo arrives, I picked two of the three up at a local shop, but they didn’t have the third color in stock. So I’ll be back to that spin soon. I am 4 rows away from a completed rikaart shawl as well, though there are ten thousand ends to weave in and it might take me all weekend. I exaggerate, but not by much. Lesson learned. Don’t take anything with color changes to work for lunch knitting where weaving in ends can’t be done with as I go along.

I guess that brings me to the place I love to be in, where I contemplate what to knit next. There’s really nothing quite like anticipation of the next new project!

On the daily life front, I tried my instant pot for faux mashed potatoes out of cauliflower. It went super well, and Mr. Ink really loved the end result. I did too. I mean, they aren’t mashed potatoes, but they are close enough to enjoy. One head of cauliflower makes so much that we’ve enough for another meal. I had also made another dozen hard boiled eggs in it, and while Miss Butterfly keeps saying she doesn’t like them, I noticed she’s been eating them. Win!

Mr. Ink got Miss Butterfly a desk for her room since she’d cleaned and sorted and organized and gotten rid of stuff. It arrived yesterday. I have dinner plans tonight I think, so they’ve decided that they’ll hang out together and assemble that desk. The package arrived with two more packages that were a complete surprise! Two Adirondack chairs for our firepit, a gift from Mr. Ink’s brother and sister in law. Seriously, it was a great gift and such a surprise!

With this fall being rather weird and crazy and busy, so full of sickness, and just full on getting away from me, I am thinking this weekend I may be due for some quiet reflection. I guess thanksgiving was clean up/clean out. Now it’s time to look back at what was last year, and what is this year. I can tell you full on that this year is better than last year despite the busy. Despite the fall just completely getting away from me. It’s better. But, it is probably wise to reflect on how it is better. To go back to last year and really remember.

Also, cookies. I’ve decided that this year I am 100% making some christmas cookies. We aren’t doing anything special this year by any means, but I think christmas cookie baking is going to be an important part of celebration this year.