For awhile there, I was calling every Sunday “Spinday” and making sure to get some spinning in that day. That was back in 2015, and I’d totally forgotten. Nowadays I haven’t really held myself to spinning on a specific day. After all, I’d say I spin more than anything else so no need for a specific day. I did see that there’s some spin 15 minutes a day every day in 2018 which sounds interesting to me. Not sure I’ll go for it though, that really does sound like a lot. What if you just need a break?

I was hoping that Saturday would be my Spinday, as I was anticipating my final braid for my second 3 braid combo would arrive. The tracking said “By 8 pm on Saturday” but that braid never showed up. I shouldn’t be surprised, it’s the time of the year for late arrivals through the post office. I didn’t really want to start anything else so I worked on my hitofude cardigan. It was actually a pretty good day for that, as the night before I’d worked through the flat part and it was time to bind off the sleeves and begin working in the round. I did so, and am now working my way down the remainder of the body of the sweater. There are a lot of stitches on the needles, and it’s only going to increase from here! But, with the pattern easy to memorize, I can pretty much call it mindless at this point.


It’s so odd looking it’s still tough to believe it’ll be an actual nice looking cardigan once it’s done. I am left wondering if I could get this one done before the new year, using it’s yardage for this year’s totals, keeping me well about double the amount of yarn knit to what was spun by hand. Current totals, 9.46 miles spun, 17.8 miles knit. It’s only 4.5 more balls of rowan to knit, right? I could totally do this. (I might.)

I did attempt to get something else started yesterday. I’d picked out some handspun and tried to pair it with a pattern, it didn’t work. That pattern needed a more solid colored yarn. Then I attempted another scarf, but that too didn’t work. Or rather, I won’t have the yardage I need. So, that’s out. I am going to spend some time this morning contemplating what I could do with that yarn, as it’s quite pretty, and already balled up, so I’d like to knit with it!

It’s a quiet day around here so far, one of those mornings when coffee and house chores are exactly what I want to be doing. I’ve also been making a list of the sweets my family wants around the holidays. Mr. Ink will be shopping tonight so I need to make sure we’ve everything on hand. We have a very busy week leading up to the holidays with choir practice, choir concerts, work potlucks, and that crazy grand deadline and multiple people on vacation. (That being said, I knocked out two out of the 5 grants already, so we are in really good shape.) The dog will get walked soon, and then I can just continue on my slow around the house day. I think yogurt making is on the list today as well, Miss Butterfly will appreciate that.

8 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. This is our last calm day before the Holiday fun. I think I’m finished baking. Between the cookie walk and a batch of sugar squares, Im calling it!
    When I’m excited for apackage and it is late, I get crabby!

  2. I’m so impressed you’ve knitted more than you’ve spun!
    I’m always tempted by these challenges, but I’ve learned that I don’t like limits put on what I’m doing.

  3. I hope that your braid isn’t lost in the black hole we call a postal system! Maybe it will turn up today. A ordered something from a very reputable company, they told her it would be delivered last Monday. It was a gift for someone she was seeing on Thursday. Naturally, it arrived on Friday. GRRR.

    Your hitofude is lovely, and of course you can do it by the end of the year, if you want to! I caked the yarn I hope to use for mine, swatching is next. If it fails a swatch test, then I will do a Fine Sand instead.

    You have done very well balancing spinning and knitting this year, I am impressed! I also don’t; do the “alongs” that last that long any more. I did one of The KNitting Sarah’s ones a few years ago – the deal was just knit SOMETHING on your socks everyday. I got so anal about it I hardly knit anything else, and I wound up knitting 26 pairs of socks! This year she hosted another more casual one, I committed to a sock a month, and did fine until October, when I had the craft fair to knit for, followed by holiday orders and my own holiday knitting. I am hopeful to get the November and December socks done shortly into the new year. I have the toe of one done, lol.

    I don’t; think I would do well with a spin 156 minutes every single day. I could handle one that was “25 days a month” or something, though. 🙂

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