Last week/This week

Last week I had a list of places I needed to go before Christmas. I had like, 11 or 12 places on that list. I immediately got 4 of them done that very day, the 5th the next day. And then? I quit. I reevaluated my list and decided that some of those things didn’t actually need to happen prior to Christmas. Some of them could happen the week after, since I am off work then and we won’t celebrate Christmas on the day of anyhow. I also left multiple grocery lists for Mr. Ink so that I could take grocery shopping off my list.

A 6th thing happens tomorrow evening, we’ve got school winter concert. That one will be delightful I am sure. I also have a work potluck tomorrow so I’ll be prepping food for that tonight.

This weekend was nice and slow. I got so much done around the house and I was just absolutely thrilled about it. On Sunday, Mr. Ink unexpectedly and deliberately came over to give me a big hug and tell me how industrious I am. How he appreciates all that I do to keep the house in living order. I love that unexpected compliment, that’s for sure! Plus, when I get those compliments, I feel less guilty about leaving stuff like grocery shopping completely up to him.

I made yogurt last evening in the instant pot. The first batch I made went well, but this batch? Was PERFECT. I think it’s the use of my own starter. I also made dinner for once. You see, I’d made faux mashed potatoes the other day, cauliflower in the instant pot then “mashed” the same way I would with potatoes. They were good alone, but there was so much left over that I told Mr. Ink I’d make a gravy for them. I did so, and we didn’t even tell Miss Butterfly they weren’t real mashed potatoes and she didn’t complain about them at all. Instead she focused her food irritations on the onions in the gravy.

Now that I’ve got it in my head to finish hitofude cardigan before the end of the year, I’ve been really adamant about knitting on it. I brought it to work today to work on during lunch break. I think I’ll be able to do that all week.

In work news, we just found out this morning that a 6th grant needs to be submitted on Friday. I am none to pleased about it despite the fact that I know it’ll go just fine. It just adds to an already nutty week for everyone!

Not much to share other than the newsy post, hope everyone has ample opportunity for peaceful moments in the lead up to this holiday.

3 thoughts on “Last week/This week

  1. lol good for you fooling Miss B! I haven’t forgotten that I am to look up recipes for you.. just had a crazy weekend. But good crazy.

    A 6th grant? That seems the height of ridiculousness. As if anyone is going to review them before Tuesday. Or the following Tuesday if we are being real. šŸ™‚ When I am rich, I am going with rolling applications for my foundation.

    I hope that you have time to sit quietly and relax at lunch, to clear your brain. And that the concert goes PERFECTLY and the grants get written and the chores get done. How nice that they are so appreciated around the house!

  2. So happy your better half thanked you. It is such a sign of love. Feels like we are just waiting, waiting for the kids to arrive. I finished a real glove and was thrilled with the success. #2 started! Today is our anniversary so we went to McDonalds for lunch. We met there.

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