4 More Work Days

It’s so busy here, but busy with fun stuff in addition to those pesky grants. Tons of little questions that require research, a large contract for an upcoming national meeting, a bunch of training my new people, basically all the things I love about my job.

Today is our potluck lunch, and I was able to get my contribution prepared last night and this morning. It’s a 3 step process so if I forget a part of it, which would be just like me, then I am stuck with nothing prepared. But I did it despite all the other stuff going on at home.

Miss Butterfly wrapped a bunch of gifts and got them under the tree. It’s nice when I can just have her do it. She’s like “You know I am going to go really over the top, right?” And I am like “As long as I don’t have to wrap…” So that’s what she did in the short time between school and show choir practice.

She brought me a bowl as well, a pottery bowl she made on the wheel at school. I am completely obsessed with it!


Isn’t it the best?!?! So lovely and nicely done. Apparently there’s another thing coming home as well, a treat jar for Lizzie.  It didn’t get fired in the first batch.

The final braid for my second three braid combo arrived. I didn’t take pics of the first three braids, and I wish I had because I feel like these colors may be very different.


I feel like there’s more green in the boreal and there’s more brown rather than tan in the braid on the bottom. But, no matter, I can just alternate skeins, it’ll be close enough.

By my calculations, in order to finish hitofude before the end of the year, I’ve got about 20 hours left on it. The rows are nice and long at this point. But, I also want to use up all my yarn, so it may take longer. I’ve got a long quiet weekend ahead of me, and I’ve got some time off before the new year so I do believe it can happen even if it’s basically half a work week of knitting. Or more.

Of course, now that I’ve set my sights on that goal, I keep looking longingly at the tiny bit of scarf I began over the weekend. *sigh*

How’s your week before Christmas going? Everything getting done? Still enjoying yourself?

6 thoughts on “4 More Work Days

  1. The bowl she made for you is Awesome!!!!
    You just reminded to check the brisket recipe before Fireman heads off for groceries. We are doing well and prepped. The kids arrive soon !!! Today’s big deal: Pie gets her mouth rechecked and her weight checked. SHE BETTER have gained. She’s eating like a piggy pig

  2. You are handling the crazy week well so far! How nice to have a personal wrapper in the family. 🙂 I LOVE that bowl! Those colors are amazing. Glad you managed to remember the pot luck steps. I have to bake cookies tonight for ours tomorrow. Hmm, better put it in the calendar for a reminder later. I am coping pretty well so far, but people are just realizing that tomorrow is my last day here, and work is starting to pile up. 😦 But when I am done, I am done. Yahoo!

  3. That bowl is gorgeous!!!! Tell Miss Butterfly I’m very impressed.
    I always laugh as my work week seems long but the same amount of time spent knitting seems like nothing🤣

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