Every Season

It would be easy to look on the dark side of the holidays and get grumpy over all the shopping to be done, the crowds everywhere, the bad drivers and lack of parking spots. It’s especially easy for me, the person who really hates shopping in the first place. I will readily admit that this is not my favorite time of year and I avoid stores and fail to get outside of the house chores done left and right.

But, each season there also seems to be at least one example from a stranger of an extra kindness that shines a light on the spirit of the holidays. And for me, this season’s kindness happened today.

Two of my team are off today and that leaves a busy office despite the season. So, while it’s not a job I usually have to do, I ran downstairs to grab the department mail. I didn’t want anyone else to have to bother about it. The mail cabinet for the building is in a corner with 2 large vending machines nearby. It’s a locked cabinet so I have to use a key on our section.

When I went down to get the mail, there was someone filling the vending machines. He had carts of candy and soda and had backed himself into a corner there while he was working. I could tell that moving those carts would be a chore, and I couldn’t get to the mail cabinet so I decided to wait. But he spotted me, and began moving his things. I immediately told him not to do so, but told him which box was ours and asked him if he could open the box for me. He quickly did so, handed me our mail, and then grabs candy from his supply and just hands it to me. “Merry Christmas!” He says, as I thanked him for his kindness. So nice.

The candy, which I am not even a fan of, is now sitting on my desk as a reminder of the kindness of strangers.

Happy Holidays! Feel free to tell me about your experience with the kindness of strangers this season!

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