Darkest day of the year, and we will be lighting candles and baking a blueberry cake to celebrate. It’s Mr. Ink and Miss Butterfly’s favorite, and we’ll all be together tonight so it’s the perfect night to bake.

At work, we had a coworker get very sick, so now we are two in the office. It’s not actually a huge problem, it’s pretty slow around here except for the grant deadline. It’s quiet and strange and yet really nice. I think the nice part is from liking my coworkers!

We may get some strange weather tonight as well, rain turning to freeze. We’ve got a cold front coming through. We may not get a white Christmas, but we’ll at least have a seasonably cold one. I am hoping there’ll be enough of a break in the freeze to take Lizzie for a nice long walk today. It’s still a little bit light when I get home!

I am working along on my cardigan, here’s the back of it. You can see I’ve got long rows but much progress has been made.


I am down to two balls of yarn left. I’ve got one set of increases left as well. I really am nearing the end though it feels still so far off. I’ve been pushing myself on this one, but there’s a lot of putting it down too, after long rows. I think there’s no question now that it’ll get done before the end of the year.

Miss Butterfly has today left of school, and then is off on her vacation. She’s SO looking forward to it. I predict tons of this:


She’ll spend the time annoying the dog I suspect. It’s really her favorite thing.

I’ve done absolutely everything I plan to do before the holiday. There are some things that can wait. After the holiday? Miss Butterfly and I will spend time getting those other things done. We may be hurtling toward christmas, but we don’t have to conform to all the expectations at expense of ourselves. We’ll slow down and enjoy our “imperfect christmas.”

2 thoughts on “Solstice

  1. Sounds perfectly imperfect! Al has a cold and she’s a good person to have sick in the house. She takes it easy and doesn’t complain. She and zach flew in last night. MY Growns are home! We are happy happy. Fireman loves the solstice so much. We are hanging out today. Santa brought a dart board to the family so there will be competition .

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