Today is the day

I think.

The day in which I finish knitting the hitofude cardigan. I am on the very last repeat, which is an extra repeat added to the pattern itself to  use up more yarn. Then a ribbing and a bind off and I am done!

And really, I’ve nothing on the schedule today except house chores, walking the dog, and baking a highly anticipated loaf of bread. So I think I can get it done!

Last night we made rice in the new instant pot and it was so simple! Mr. Ink didn’t even know I’d done it and nagged at me to start the rice already! It was good fun for me.

I let Miss Butterfly open one of her gifts. Why? Because a number of things all came together to make her an absolute difficult teen last evening. I noticed when I woke up in the morning that her phone, which is supposed to stay in the living room overnight was missing. She says she took it overnight when she couldn’t sleep, but I believe she purposely said “I am on holiday break so I am going to stay up all night.” She was so tired and miserable. Then, she was supposed to go to her father’s house, but he let her know he wasn’t going to pick her up until this morning. This annoyed her greatly because it was a change in plans, and when we are tired, changes in plans are the worst. Plus he wouldn’t tell her what time in the morning he was picking her up. And she’s a kid who likes a plan.

After all of this Butterfly was so miserable I just needed a break, so I let her open a gift from her aunt, which I knew would be bath bombs. And she took a bath. Thankfully.

When opening her gift, Miss Butterfly decided to decorate the dog.

Patient dog, and dog losing patience.

This morning has been lovely though. Mr. Ink left for work and I had a bunch of quiet time to listen to classical christmas station on pandora and knit. Which is how I find myself so close to a finish on the cardigan. Then when Miss Butterfly woke up, she was a changed child. It’s amazing what a little sleep will do!

I made her model a handknit. I finished this ages ago, and it was my intention to get it to my parents home in time for christmas. But, going to the post office was one of the many things that needed to get done that I decided at the last minute just wasn’t going to get done. There’s a gift already at my parents house for my mom, so I can get this in the mail after christmas. Anyhow, my mom had asked for an ear warmer and let me know what colors might work for her. I am hoping this matches.


It’s got blues and a bit of purples and actually matches one of her grandson’s sweaters, as I used leftover yarn from his sweater. I need to make one of these for me! I think I’d benefit quite a bit from one.

We are anticipating the christmas miracle of SNOW! There’s a weather advisory for tonight, and it’s only 17F out there now which means snow that will stick around for christmas I believe. I am so excited!

3 thoughts on “Today is the day

  1. You are a great momma. Preteen teen years require so much sleep and so much “you are going to be fine” . The modeling is so perfect. the yarn could be yuck and your daughter would make it look beautiful

  2. I am so far behind in reading myblov friends ‘ posts! Sorry Miss B was acting up but aren’t you the clever one to de-fuse the situation!

    Almost done with your hitofude! Mine gets cast on Jan 1 as part of a KAL, but I swatched today and did my chains for casting on. Had to go down a needle size to get gauge, trying not to think about knitting a sweater in fingering on size 3 needles in a size large enough to fit me!

    Ear warmers look great, your mom will love them! For a fun pattern for them, check out turban(d) on ravelry. It’s retro but I love it. Kind of cups the head.

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