One handknit wool sweater, one handknit wool hat, one pair of handknit wool socks, one pair of handknit wool gloves and one very large coffee are what is getting me through this one degree day, my one and only day of work this week.

Precisely one other person is at work with me. There’s no one else here. It’s VERY quiet. And it’s pleasantly warm in the building.

On Christmas morning, Mr. Ink and I got up and did our personal holiday tradition. Miss Butterfly is always at her father’s home so we get to make ourselves funnel cake!


It was absolutely delicious. Light and fluffy and amazing. Lizzie even got a few scraps.

We had a quiet day. I took Lizzie for a cold cold walk. I listened to A Christmas Carol on audiobook, something that really needs to become a tradition. I spun the first bobbin of the second 3 braid combo spin. I had a nice nap.

At some point, during some indoor play, Lizzie hurt her paw. She’s now limping and I am not sure what the problem is. I didn’t step on her, and it’s not her leg that’s the issue. I’ve done everything I can to make sure it’s not a piece of salt or other irritant between her paw pads. I washed her paw in a bowl of water, making sure to get up in her paw pads and have a good feel around. She’s been extremely patient with me. But I’ve got no solution at the moment. I think this is a wait and see situation for now. Poor girl is pathetic, clearly wanting to play but hurting, so she just carries her favorite toy around everywhere while she limps. We got out old Coco’s handknit booties for her when she went out in the evening. She tolerated them well, so they’ll be used regularly when there’s ice and snow. Though they may be harder to get on her when she’s feeling fine, I mean, I can barely get her to stand still enough for a harness on a regular day!

As I mentioned above, it’s 1F today. Now, a few weeks ago I told Mr. Ink he’d better move the motorbikes to the upper garage so that he could park in the lower garage during the winter. He said “Is it even going to snow this year? It barely did last year.” To which I responded “I don’t know, but ice is something we always get, along with cold.”  He didn’t move the motorbikes. Last week we got ice, and he had to park in the lower driveway. Plus, he couldn’t get the motorbikes up the iced over driveway even if he wanted to. This morning I was feeling sorry for him, having to go out to that cold cold car, scrape windows and suffer through driving to work. Then I remembered that he had ample time to fix this issue for himself, he just didn’t take it. I rode in my nice warm car with heated seats and a heated steering wheel.

Miss Butterfly returned last evening around 8 pm bearing all the gifts she’d received from her father’s family. I am telling you, this is a family that buys stuff just to buy stuff. It never ceases to amaze me just how much junk she comes home with that ends up in my basement and then at goodwill. I hate it. She had more than one shoebox full of candy she cannot eat because of her braces, so Mr. Ink won on that one. The things I do rather like is when she brings home candles and nice handsoap, those do get used. Though I still have some from previous years. Even after the accusations of telling her family she wanted nail stuff (still not true!) she ended up getting enough stuff that she decided this was the best christmas ever. I guess she was pleased.

We had very little under the tree, we are probably the opposite of her father’s family. We prefer experiences and larger more practical gifts. Mr. Ink got a cord of wood from my parents for the firepit, and I got an akerworks kate (SO EXCITED!!!). We got Miss Butterfly a weekend at camp in the spring and Mr. Ink got her a couple classic music cds, like Stevie Wonder, to appropriately expand her collection. I got Mr. Ink silverware. I’d picked up a couple forks because we are constantly out of forks. I didn’t want to buy a full set. I mean, who wants salad forks? NOT ME!!! But, he liked the forks I got so much that I ended up buying that style in new silverware. But one at a time, so that we don’t have salad forks. NO SALAD FORKS!!!!

I am getting a living room rug for christmas, but we have to get better about going out and hunting for it.

Oh, and Lizzie got a christmas gift too. She’s funny, again, she was an outdoor dog so she isn’t afraid of outdoor stuff. But wrapping paper and gifts? THEY ARE TERRIFYING!

Lizzie is looking at me to see if it’s ok to be near Miss Butterfly now that the gift is unwrapped. She got a treat puzzle. She has to slide those little wooden disks around to get to the treats. It was a hit! Though she does keep thinking that the treats might be under the puzzle itself, which is hilarious.

I began a new project late last evening out of handspun. Let’s see if I can find the picture of the yarn…

Look at that! I found the yarn AND the batts I’d created to make the yarn. Anyhow, I’ve got four small skeins totaling 400 yards. I am knitting this into a bias knit scarf with a simple lace pattern and nice color changes.


Here’s a photo of the start, since I am not about to go outside in this weather today to allow my photo to be taken of the hitofude. I think you’ll all understand!

Tomorrow my favorite local yarn shop begins it’s annual sale. I plan to go and get a sweater amount of yarn. For a specific sweater. It’ll be colorful. I can’t wait! Plus, bonus day with Miss Butterfly hopefully running some errands and making cookies or pita bread, not sure which.

3 thoughts on “One

  1. Sounds like a lovely holiday! My family quit gifts about ten years ago and I actually prefer it now as I don’t go into debt or get a ton of stuff I have to get rid of!! I also have time to do fun stuff with the kids!

    • Yes, I think it’s nicer that way. Experiences are so much more important than “stuff.” My brother and I agreed this year that we aren’t sending each other stuff next year, we’ll stick to sending stuff for the kids. It’ll be a great relief.

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