Vacation Again!

Isn’t that wonderful?! One day of work and then more time off.

We had a slow day at work though it ended up being a bit busier than expected. I also was too warm all bundled up in my hand knits. Apparently the heat in the building was working just fine! It’s -8F this morning, so I am THRILLED to not have to run out in that cold! I’d generally be leaving for work right around this time. If it doesn’t warm up a bit it’s unlikely I’ll leave the house at all today.

Lizzie Bean took 3 steps out into the cold this morning, turned back around and decided she could hold it. Even she was unimpressed. But, here’s some cute pictures of her from yesterday. This didn’t happen when I was home, Miss Butterfly and her friend captured these. They heard her scritching around near the front door and couldn’t figure out what was going on. When they went over there, they realized that the dog that refuses to use a dog bed had made herself a bed out of my woven rug.

Such a goofy little rascal!

I did manage to grab a quick photo of a bobbin yesterday by sticking my hand out the front door and taking a photo from inside.


The entire bobbin seems to be bathed in the warm glow of late afternoon sunset. One bobbin down, 2 to go! I am actually about a third of the way through bobbin 2 at this point.

I had a whole list of errands and tasks for Miss Butterfly and I today. Pita bread making, cookie baking, yarn shop hopping, but if we don’t get a break in the cold not much of it will happen. (The baking requires a trip to the store.) Cross your fingers for 10F today. I could manage 10F.

3 thoughts on “Vacation Again!

  1. I hear you lady! WE are off to help at the barn and it is below zero now. someones got to do it. We are happy to help. Hopefully we will do workouts with the horses in the heated arena. No school classes until the8th. I need my horse therapy as the kids have left. I have knitting to enjoy though

  2. That Lizzie!!! She’s a funny one!

    The spinning looks so pretty in that light, I appreciate you risking frostbite to get the shot! Hope you and miss B have a fun day together.

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