Increasingly Difficult

The increasing difficulty has nothing to do with anything other than grabbing a decent photo of works in progress. I finally found that the backdrop of our siding seemed to show off the color of my spinning best. It isn’t pretty, but it’s a lot better than what happens when I put the project somewhere with snow as backdrop.


What is not proving difficult? Hanging with my kid this week. There’s the usual irritations of life with a teen, but I’d say after I removed sleep overs and friend gatherings (It helps that most friends are out of town) from the potential activities completely, what I am left with is a kid who also wants her vacation to be decent. So she too plans her day accordingly. I told her that we could go shopping today and she said “MOM! Seriously, even *I* am getting sick of shopping.” So we are staying in today. Or at least until Mr. Ink gets home. Naturally he was pleased to be able to take the nice warm car. We haven’t even turned on the TV once! Miss Butterfly has been doing puzzles, and taking baths using her new bath bombs, and I’ve been spinning, as you can see.

I am about halfway through the final bobbin for this spin, which means all in all this project hasn’t taken much time. I plan to finish spinning the bobbin, then let it rest before beginning to ply in order to start my legends of the fall sweater.

Ok back to it. We are vacationing so hard right now!

2 thoughts on “Increasingly Difficult

  1. I love the purples !!!!!
    IM so glad you are relaxing and enjoying the peace of the AFTER holiday flurry. We have some movies for the EVE. I have not committed quite yet to doing the polar plunge on New Years day in the lake…..

  2. The spinning looks great, who cares about the background? 😉

    Good planning, removing distractions so you two can focus on each other and what you each love. Yea for bath bombs!!

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