First of all, the big news! Lizzie let me sleep in until 7:30 this morning!!! It was amazing! She generally has me up at 6 or 6:30. I couldn’t believe it. Another holiday miracle.

Of course, I’ve got a lot to do today and am a bit behind because I “lost” an hour.

I finished my singles yesterday as expected.


Miss Butterfly and I really did take the slowest day. It was very nice. Of course, at some point she got bored and told me that she’d like to go shopping after all. But I’d let Mr. Ink take the car that was in the garage and I did NOT feel like scraping the one in the driveway. Plus, we were experiencing “freezing drizzle” which…I don’t even know how that happens at 19F?…but I didn’t want to drive in it.

I didn’t begin to ply these, nor did I begin to knit my new sweater with the yarn I purchased for it the other day. I just worked on my new handspun scarf as that was the easiest option late in the evening. I’ll get the yarn wound for the sweater hopefully at some point today.

But, want to see that yarn?


The point of the sweater is to choose 6 yarns that are different colors, but fairly similar and then stripe them every 5 rows or so. This gives a sweater that looks striped and also not striped and very colorful and beautiful. I’ve seen them and I always love them. I’ve been drawn to peachy colors lately and I think that was reflected in my yarn choices here. I am so eager to see how this works up! But also, winding skeins to start has me uninspired. It’ll get done, soon.

Today is another full day. I am hoping we get out for some area rug shopping. Absolutely everyone is annoyed at the purple dust bunnies floating around the house and the fibers that stick to our clothing every time we sit down on the current stop gap rug. I am so hoping I can find something I really like!

2 thoughts on “Materials

  1. Glad you didn’t drive in freezing drizzle! It is nasty stuff!

    The spinning still looks great and the sweater seems like it will be amazing! I always am tempted by those lovely yarns but never know what I would make with them. But it sounds like you have found the perfect project for it!

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