Totals and Plans

Last year my goal was to knit as much as I spun. But, I then decided I wanted to do better and tried to double the amount I knit to what I spun. I did well.

18.6 miles knit, 9.46 miles spun.

My rather large yarn stash was knit down fairly well, even with the yarn that arrived from Miss Marja or those rare times I found something I couldn’t resist. It’s now all in one cabinet. My fiber stash was pretty much decimated this year, and I’ve had to work to build that back up. I gave away a bunch of yarn that I wasn’t going to use to a coworker who built bird and small mammal houses with it for wildlife rescue organizations. I think that’s a great use of that which I was unlikely to ever dive into. She made it extra fun by bringing in what she crocheted to show me my yarn in the finished object.

This year the plan is to TRULY knit double what I spin in hopes to TRULY work on the stash. Meaning…if the yarn is purchased in 2018 and is knit in 2018 it doesn’t count. Only that which is knit from stash gets to count toward the knitting totals.

Other crafting goals this year…knit more garments. Knit them out of yarn I really like. Pick the pattern then pick a very appropriate yarn for the garment. And you know what? This is TOTALLY at odds with the above goal. Hah.

I worked yesterday on my lovely legends of the fall sweater out of koigu. In the ribbing portion, all 6 colors make an appearance. I’ve knit in 4 of the 6.


I am feeling slightly nervous about the color choices of yarns 5 and 6 so it would be good if I got a chance to knit those in today. Just to make sure. OR, just to say no and purchase something else.

But, we also need to go see a movie, as per Mr. Ink’s request. So, I plan to bring a sock along to work on through that.

A very happy new year friends, I am hoping the best things for your upcoming year.

7 thoughts on “Totals and Plans

  1. Happy New Year!
    How do you know how many miles you have knit? I’d love to figure it out for myself:)
    Also thanks for the idea of knitting at the movies! I have a friend who loves going to the movies but I always feel slightly guilty that I’m not accomplishing anything.

    • So, I use to keep track of my miles. It’s easy to use and there’s even a way to put widgets on your blog of your totals if that’s of interest.

      As for movie knitting, I love it. A simple sock knit on a tiny circ works super well for me. Helps me concentrate, and then I can actually discuss the movie with Mr. Ink after the fact. He’s always startled I can discuss a movie I knit through. I try to explain that knitting through the movie is the reason I can discuss it. Otherwise I am all weird in my brain “How many hours of daylight am I wasting right now? What could I be getting done with my time? I can’t believe I am sitting here getting NOTHING ACCOMPLISHED! I am going to be SO BEHIND on everything when I get home and half the day will be gone and and and….” *bites nails*

      It’s so much better if I knit.

  2. I expect you will hit those goals put of the park! But does yarn you buy in 2018 but don’t knit count against you? I can see a real challenge here. My challenge is to knit from stash all year. Not add to it at all. I think I can do that, there is plenty to keep me going! Not counting spinning in that at all. If I wind up with a ton of hand-spun, that will give me something to think about in 2019!

    As for your sweater, it is lovely, and I am sure 5 and 6 will work fine.

    • Oh, I like this idea. Yarn purchased this year counts against my knitting totals! That’d be a serious challenge. However, yarn I get from Miss Marja cannot count. It would make me very careful about joining up with mystery knit alongs which cause me to purchase new yarn.

      • Miss Marja yarn can NOT count against you, it is too pretty. 😉. I don’t want to inhibit your kals though. So you don’t have to take my comments as amended goals!

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