5 and 6

I added yarns 5 and 6, the colors I was nervous about. I changed up the order I wanted them in a million times before I added them in, but I think I got it. I really like my result!


I think I chose wisely, each yarn is different, but also enough the same that it blends pretty well and nothing stands out so much as to look strange. I think this is going to work!

I have these plans to begin the sleeves immediately, keeping the sleeves at work in order to get them done fairly quickly. I always stall out on sleeves. I am not sure if I’ll knit them two at a time or separately. The only thing stopping me is the cold basement and not wanting to be down there to wind 5 more skeins of yarn.

We got through the worst of the cold last night. It was -14 when I let Lizzie out this morning, with her booties on of course. If it gets all the way up to the predicted 5F we’ll go for a little walk, her and I.

Miss Butterfly is at a sleepover but will be home by noon. I have told her that we’ll be taking down the tree, I am tired of the living room being squished. I think I’ll wait to start any plying until the tree is down and the furniture is in a more appropriate place.

I’ve had a lovely vacation and I am both sad and happy it is drawing to a close. Any more time off and I’d be very stressed about this month and next, as we are very busy again at work. I am already feeling the mental gear up for work tomorrow, I keep making lists in my head about things I need to go over or do, and projects we’ve got going on. It’s at that point where I realize that I might as well BE at work, as focused on it as I am. But, I had a lovely vacation with a ton of time spent with Miss Butterfly. Pleasant time, valuable time, most of it teenagerish but not to the point of annoyance. A vacation worth cherishing.

All the best for this new year!