A Review

You know how sometimes you have an idea or memory in your mind and it’s totally…not reality? Well, that’s what I’ve done with the past year and my goal to knit from stash. Meaning, I’ve felt a ton of guilt over “all the yarn I bought.”

So, I figured that today I could review my year and take a look at all the yarn I bought. First up, there’s this project. On facebook of all places I saw this yarn advertised! And it was so gorgeous, and it had a most charming name of “succulent set” advertised with various types of succulent plants. So charming, the advertising totally got to me. After a quick wander around the internet to make absolutely sure that the company was legit and that there weren’t a bunch of problems with the company, I purchased the set. It’s a merino/tencel yarn, and I was so very excited to use it in a Find Your Fade shawl. Which I am wearing today actually. That was in March. I knit the shawl right away, at the same time I was working on a westknits marled magic mystery shawl using all handspun scraps (Total knit from stash win.) and I felt pretty good about my decision.

Then there was this:

Because I am a complete sucker for westknits, I just had to do another mystery shawl. I purchased yarn for this shawl as well, 3 skeins, though in reality I knit two of those skeins paired with one of my own from stash. This purchase happened at the end of September. I have mixed feelings about this one, mostly because the shawl shape is odd. But the yarn pairings were amazing. And, I ended up with enough left over of the middle color that paired with another half skein in stash, I could easily have a full pair of socks.

Now, I am not gonna lie, I also purchased another 3 skeins of sock weight yarn from dyeabolical’s christmas specials, and those haven’t been knit yet. But, I think it’s fair to say I didn’t completely overdo it after all. And I’ll try to keep it down to an even smaller amount this year. Furthermore, my knit from stash game was serious, and I got very creative in pairing various in stash yarns to create something unique.

And even more amazingly, I knit sweaters…from stash! 3 of them! And a vest!

And all that was after not knitting garments for myself AT ALL for a very long time. Since the end of 2014 actually. In the end, I think it’s been a pretty bang up year for knitting from stash, and knitting in general.


5 thoughts on “A Review

  1. I think you’ve done amazing! You shouldn’t feel guilty about any of the yarn you have bought that you’ve used! It only induces guilt if you don’t use them!

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