I finished a skein of the next 3 braid combo.

The new skein is on the left, the old on the right. Colorwise, there are some differences. The new skein is a bit bluer, and certainly has more greens, specifically light greens. The yarn weight is fine though, matches well. I didn’t count the yardage yet, I figured I’d just wait until the final skein was complete. I am ALMOST done. So, if these skeins are combined into one garment I’ll have to be careful to switch them out regularly in order that the colors get blended well.

Next up? My legends of the fall sweater. I love this! I started on a sleeve yesterday to keep at work, but as fast as I am going through the sweater (and the yarn quite frankly) those sleeves are going to have to be knit at home. Here’s where I am with the body of the sweater.


Aren’t those colors so weird together? So interesting? I want to knit on it FOREVER! I want to knit ANOTHER ONE! And I haven’t even worn this one yet. I am sure that my passion for this project will hit an eventual wall, but I am just not there yet. I’ve got a couple more inches on the body before dividing for the front and back. I did take a break to work on that plying project.

And what am I wearing today? Another sweater that really got into my brain and I adored knitting.

Just back to August 2014 for this one. I loved knitting this sweater, it was extremely interesting. It was also a fantastic stash buster, as that brown yarn is laceweight I’d had in stash for years, held double for the sweater. It’s actually really soft so it was a great choice. The other color is handspun 3 ply yarn. I’d spun it on spindles and wheel, and had 8 ounces of it. Let’s see if I can find that photo as well.

There we go, the handspun used, finished and in progress, as well as the Trillian shawl I made out of the leftovers. Oh that was a very good time in my knitting life. Great memories of this project!

This has certainly been a craft heavy post. I am SOOOO looking forward to the weekend. We plan to start it by taking Lizzie in to get her claws trimmed. It’s time. With the cold, she’s not out walking quite as much and so they are actually growing. Not being worn down as they should. The place that trims them on Friday nights donates back to her rescue organization so I feel like that’s a great reason to go pay someone and not try to do it ourselves.

I’ve also made myself quite a list for Saturday, we’ve got tons of errands to run. I did try to get a head start on the weekend by getting some extra chores done last evening. I am not sure if it worked or not, but the house looked nice when I left this morning!

Anyhow, that’s it from around here, hope your week went well! Do enjoy your weekend!

6 thoughts on “Updates

  1. IM very into purple right now. With none in my stash so Im loving yours. That sweater!!!! I mean the geometry one. Allison would probably love that one. What is the pattern name please? Your current WIP is a delight of color

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