We Did It!

After months of searching and also putting off searching, we found an area rug for our living room.

Mr. Ink said “How about we go find a rug today?” and so it was. We went to the same flooring store that sold us our kitchen/dining room floor a few years back. I think that when it comes to flooring, that’s where I am going from here on out. The salespeople are helpful but not overwhelming. And the best part? When we found a rug we liked, they said “How about you take it home for 3 days and see if you like it?

So, we did. We took it home, rolled up the purple shedder, rolled out the new rug, sat down, looked at it for less than 5 minutes, got up and went back to the store to buy a pad and pay for the rug. It was too perfect.


The damask pattern on the rug matches the pattern on the pillows. It’s a bit hard to tell, but the background is lower than the pattern, so it also looks embossed. It’s tones of grey with tones of yellow added in. The yellow matches Mr. Ink’s recliner beautifully. It couldn’t be more perfect. So, as usual, waiting until we find what is perfect for us really was the best option. When we saw this rug, Mr. Ink said “I want to hang it on a wall, not step on it! It’s that beautiful.

Now he says “Every time I walk into this living room I smile!” I think creative types really benefit from an aesthetically pleasing space. Every time *I* walk in the living room I say “And now I need a couple throws that match, rather than primary red and primary blue!” So, that may be something I do today.

Because of our area rug adventure, I didn’t get a ton of knitting done. I did however finish up the cuffs on the sleeves of my legends of the fall sweater. Since there’s a lot of yarn switching going on, I am trying to knit these at the same time. Finish a color on one cuff, knit it into the second cuff too.Β img_6350

Since sleeves are where my motivation really seems to fall away, I figured I should work on these prior to finishing the body of the sweater. I really do not want to stall out.

I was able to count up the yardage obtained from my second set of the 3 braid combo, a whopping 1200 yards. That’s 2200 yards to play with for a sweater. Or, in this case, basically a sweater and something else, That’s a nice amount of yarn! I didn’t take a photo, it just looks like everything else.

If Miss Butterfly ever wakes up, we’ll do some errand running today. I swear that kid is full on teen, with the sleep in power to boot.

That’s about it from here, it’s been a pretty decent weekend, which is great for the busy week ahead.


7 thoughts on “We Did It!

  1. WOW! That rug was worth waiting for. It is just perfect. I think you need to KNIT the two throws to match, out of handspun. That should do some serious damage to your stash, lol.

    The sleeves look great, I am going to have to scope out that pattern. For when I finish the hitofude. πŸ™‚

    I remember those teen years. I could sleep the clock around. It must be needed for something our bodies are doing then.

    • Well she was at a sleep over the night before last. I’d forgotten, but this is probably recovery.

      The sweater pattern I had trouble finding for years. But it also goes by the name color band pullover from vogue.

      And I owe you the brand of Christmas village that butterfly set up. The boxes are all out now. It’s st. Nicholas square and looks like they were purchased at kohls.

      • I will go check it out, if I can find it. And thanks for the village name. It is really cute. A’s is a Dept 56 village, Heritage New England, or something. I wanted to get her a new house for it, and saw the prices, so got her pine trees instead. πŸ™‚

  2. Wow. I have to agree that rug is so beautiful I’d hesitate to step on it. Good for you for waiting for the RIGHT thing to spend you hard earned money on.I think you are flying on sweater. !

  3. I love that rug!!! I want it but need it in different colours:) You make me want to go rug shopping.
    I’m the same about waiting until I find the right thing- it’s just so difficult to get rid of stuff you buy to make so!

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