First Finished

First finished object of 2018.


A pair of socks that have been on the needles since July 2017. They are knit too large for my feet so that I can give them away. The yarn is dyeabolical’s we’re all mad here colorway. I did these on 9 inch circs, and just saved them for every time I wanted to knit but couldn’t look at my knitting. Obviously that wasn’t very often since they’ve been sitting around since July, but whatever, they served their purpose.

I’ll cast on the next pair very shortly.

I did finally get the day I was hoping for last evening. I got home, it was 51F out! No sign yet of the impending snowstorm. I took Lizzie on an extra long walk since clearly that was the only thing to do, knowing that the weather was going to be awful today. I don’t know what was going on out there, but she wanted to stop and sniff all the things, and the walk became very long. I did notice tons of other dogs out being walked, and they were acting similarly. So there was clearly something in the air that was making every scent amplified for them. We stayed out in the yard a bit upon my return puttering around it was so nice out.

Miss Butterfly was with her dad and Mr. Ink worked late so despite having quite a few chores, I still had the house to myself and that was extremely pleasant. I did work on the sleeve of my sweater, all the increases are now complete and I am just knitting around and around until 21 inches of sleeve knitting has been achieved.

Due to that storm which was impending, Miss Butterfly has off school today but I am stuck at work. She’s got one million chores to keep her busy. She also decided that because she was off today, she wanted Lizzie to sleep with her last night. She promised to be responsible and get up if Lizzie needed to go out, which she did at 5 am. I didn’t like the idea of not having my dog around, but I’ve stopped thinking in that direction now that I have experienced such a great night’s sleep!

Anyhow, getting a relaxing evening and a good nights rest has gone a very long way in improving my attitude today. I had a sketchy stormy drive in to work, but all the other drivers were being just as careful and logical as I was so even that wasn’t as bad as it could be. No clue when the storm will quit but it would be great if that happened well before I leave today.

The true bonus of today? Due to the storm, our boss said “Yep, wear jeans to work” and so we all did and we are all happy warm and comfortable.

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