There goes that day

I had a blog post thought out yesterday, but got to work, was down to myself and one other team member due to the storm, and had a very busy day. So, no post got written.

So, now I have a blog post and this one also has a photo.

Miss Butterfly woke up Monday morning at 5:30 and hopped in the shower. I woke up just before 6, and while waiting on my shower took a look at my emails, which informed me that her school was closed. I didn’t get a phone call, or a text, or a voice message. Just the email. So I poked my head in the bathroom and informed the poor gal she didn’t have school. She was none too pleased, as after a shower, she would not be able to go back to bed. To be quite honest, I was pleased that she had the day off, as she’s got a cold and could use the extra day of rest.

I headed out to work in absolutely pouring freezing rain. It didn’t stay that way long, about 1/3 of my drive in it turned to a blizzard. I made it to work ok, the temps still being high enough to keep the roads reasonably clear. It then switched on and off between blizzard and freezing rain and rain all day long. We were let go from work early, and I headed home. That’s when the wind picked up and the blizzard portion of the storm stuck around. Got home, got in my driveway, and was quite relieved to be able to get out of work clothes and put my hair up.

Mr. Ink got home not long after, also being released from work early. His drive was a bit more eventful. He was driving my little honda, and between that and the quickly deteriorating roads, he had some excitement. He’d been driving along when the car in front of him hit a patch of black ice and began to spin. His quick brain said “Hit this car, or drive in the field” and he chose drive in the field. Thankfully there wasn’t a ditch, and he had enough momentum to drive in the field around the spinning car and then back up on the road. I am EXTREMELY grateful that no wreck happened. He waited on the road to make sure the spinning car was able to right itself, and then they both took off. Both likely grateful it wasn’t worse.

Today the roads were icy but I’ve got a fully staffed office, which is so nice. Last evening I took the pieces of legends of the fall sweater that had been blocking and began the task of assembly. I sewed the shoulder seams, and then decided that I should knit the turtleneck onto the sweater before adding the sleeves, since I kind of hate dragging sleeves around in circles while knitting the finish of an object. So, I got started on the turtleneck, but I am not gonna lie, I have hit the proverbial wall with this sweater and am struggling to keep working on it.

On Sunday when I washed and blocked the pieces, I realized I needed something new to knit on. And I started another sweater. I know, nutty, right? But, it’s a stash buster. I have a sweater amount of this aqua colored yarn I’ve never particularly liked. I mean, it’s nice but when I try to knit it into a sweater, I call it boring and rip the sweater start out. I wasn’t sure what to do about this yarn until I noticed Isabell Kraemer’s On the Beach sweater. (Bonus free pattern!) I decided what I really needed was another casual comfortable sweater. And I could pair the boring aqua with some 3 ply handspun of Miss Marja’s that I’ve had in stash for awhile. The colors on the handspun are turquoise, teal, aqua, coral, and peach.


So now I’ve got the beginning of a sweater that’s interesting, and I couldn’t be happier. I brought it to work with me today it’s so interesting! But I think I also may leave it at work so that I’ll be forced to work on that turtleneck. Or spin.

And that’s it from me today. Just trying to keep caught up, but this week is going far better than last!

2 thoughts on “There goes that day

  1. YIKES!!!! So glad that you all made it home safely. I bet Mr. Ink was glad to get home! Poor miss Butterfly, she was so good to get up early and everything. I guess the days of gathering around the radio in the kitchen listening for the school closings are gone? How we loved to hear our town called. I am sure Mom didn’t love it quite as much. đŸ™‚

    All you have left to do is knit the turtle neck and you aren’t doing it? Shells! Get her done! You are so close to a fabulous sweater!

    Of course, the new one looks pretty fabulous, too. Thanks for the tip on the free pattern, I will check It out.

    Keep warm and safe. This winter is not going to kick our butts!

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