So Tired

I definitely owe knitting photos, but I just don’t have them. This is how my days go right now. Wake up at 5:30, get to work by 7:30, work all day, often late, submitting grants. It has likely snowed during the day, so I get in the car and it takes me more than double the normal amount of time to get home. Feel panicky, because I am not actually going home, I am going to pick up Miss Butterfly and her friend at the high school as they’ve got show choir dance camp in anticipation of hopefully making the team in high school. Auditions Friday. Be late, and receiving multiple “where are you?!?!” texts from Miss Butterfly, while both hands on the wheel trying to not get in an accident on slippery roads full of nervous drivers. Get the girls, take them to a fast food place, bring them to my place, but be unable to access driveway due to snow. Park out back. Walk to home. Drop off girls and instruct them to eat. Go out and shovel snow enough for Mr. Ink to get in the driveway. Take dog out, make her run/play/etc so she’s not a nut. Go back in, get girls, walk them to show choir rehearsal for THIS year. Hopefully find a snack somewhere in there. Sit for 2.5 seconds and try not to feel guilty that I am not helping with the driveway. Walk to go get Miss Butterfly from show choir at 8. Come home, eat at 9. Fall into bed. Bonus additional activities in addition to the above, Thursday parent/teacher conferences and Friday evening creating Miss Butterfly’s school schedule in a meeting with her 9th grade homeroom teacher. And it’s to continue snowing. It’s truly amazing how just the simple act of snow on the road and needing to shovel throws SUCH a wrench in a full schedule.

Blogging, crafting, creating, I just don’t have it in me at the moment. Things are happening but only in that 2.5 seconds, and they aren’t very interesting if I am not getting photos!

Maybe next week looks better.