And then something gives

A few things happened after my rather desperate sounding post yesterday. The first one was that it did NOT snow yesterday. It’s not supposed to snow today either. And despite the cold, this meant that the roads finally got clearer. Some intersections were still messy yesterday but the roads themselves pretty good. This morning? All clear.

The second thing that happened was that I got a text from Miss Butterfly saying that she didn’t want to do show choir next year, she’s not sure it’s her “thing” and she’d prefer to do debate team. Which meant that she wasn’t going to audition dance camp. Which meant that I got to go straight home after work, even though I worked late. And because she isn’t going to audition, and because regular show choir rehearsal was just for those who would audition, that was off the table as well. That left me with a rapidly clearing schedule.

Gratuitous photo of Miss Butterfly and her favorite friend right after they signed up for debate team a little over a week ago:


The third thing was that we got a big grant submitted at work, early, and that always makes me feel more relaxed.

The fourth thing was that while I did get home late, Miss Butterfly was able to walk the dog, and I fell asleep in my chair. She got home, realized I was exhausted, and took the dog into her bedroom and I promptly fell back asleep. That was likely much needed rest.

Miss Butterfly ended up spending the evening as a kid. Meaning, I think she was seriously burned out from a cruddy schedule too. She never once picked up her phone. She spent the entire evening playing Hide and Seek with Lizzie. She would bring Lizzie to the living room, tell her to sit and stay, and then go hide somewhere in the house. Then she’d call the dog, and the dog would run off searching for her. The dog and the kid were clearly LOVING all this. And no treats were involved! Sometimes Miss Butterfly would hide under blankets and when Lizzie would finally locate her, Lizzie would pounce on her, causing fits of giggles and booty wagging. (Lizzie has no tail, so her whole back half wiggles like mad). This lasted for hours. Hours of fun for both girl and dog, and was JUST what we all needed. After so much fun, Lizzie decided to follow Miss Butterfly everywhere, something she generally only reserves for me. And now, a gratuitous Lizzie photo from last evening, one that Miss Butterfly took in her room. (That’s my way of saying that’s not my floor that’s dirty!!! Though if truth be told, Miss Butterfly located all our dusty areas by hiding in them and then showing me her black leggings covered in dust, I’ll have to get on that this weekend.)


This dog is seriously the sweetest and most charming little thing. Even when I am stressed out to the max, she keeps making us laugh and brightening our days. And seriously, finding a toy that a teen will play with that isn’t a phone? That’s the best part I think.

OH! And, in knitting news, a down day was also effective for me in that I finished a sweater sleeve! Just one more to go on my second sweater of 2018. Pretty impressive for someone who hasn’t been knitting!


4 thoughts on “And then something gives

  1. I am so glad your schedule eased up, but I am sad that Miss B won’t be doing show choir next year, she seems to be so good and to enjoy it. However, she can’t do everything and debate team will also be fun. And useful when she needs to convince you and Mr. Ink of something. 🙂 Glad you got to knit a bit, can’t wait to see the finished sweater – second one this year already? I feel such a slacker…. still working on the endless arm section of the hitofude!

    • So, she did this when entering 7th grade as well, skipped a year of show choir. I think it’s her need to figure out what’s going on around her before she commits to anything particularly large. Once she settles into HS, you may see show choir posts again in the future, it’s just not this year.

      She was worried about debate team at first too, she said “Well, I am not good at public speaking!” To which I said “That’s why you do it! To get good at it! Plus, there are rules for debate, ways to argue, and those are things you’ll learn on the team.” Then the gals signing them up said “Yeah! And, you can form teams and get to BEAT PEOPLE! But not literally.” And then she signed up. I could also see her doing some sort of scholastic quiz team too, which they have, but she hasn’t yet signed up for.

      Good luck with hitofude, the hardest part is making it through that large rectangle.

      • She is smart to get the lay of the land! And I bet she would rock on the quiz team, she seems so bright and smart. Not just pretty. 😀

        Because I have to make a large size, those hitofude rows are LONG and I have to do 16 repeats of the pattern. Fewer than 5 to go now, though. I will get there.

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